Accountability is a Unimed Living Sphere dedicated to giving voice to the truth, in the face of lies, abuse and deliberate misrepresentation. The purpose of this sphere is to present the following:

There has been a sustained cyber abuse campaign directed against Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the people associated with it from 2012. This campaign continues unabated to this day.

A series of inaccurate and biased press reports were published about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The articles first appeared in print and online in 2012 and have continued sporadically until the current time.

The press have resolutely failed to acknowledge or address the harm done by their biased and inaccurate reporting.

The Accountability Sphere calls to account the behaviour of cyber-bullies, internet trolls, and hate campaigners, as well as irresponsible journalists and their editors who further the dissemination of inaccuracies and personal agendas in the public sphere.

The media and the internet are powerful tools, but in the wrong hands they can be used as a weapon. The ineffectively controlled online world and the media have serious endemic problems that affect many people on a far broader scale than has been universally acknowledged.

And so in our current times it has become commonplace to see the truth manipulated and distorted, and acceptable for complete fabrications to be published across the internet and in the media.

What do we do when the true meaning and essence of freedom of speech has been distorted, to the point that sensationalised lies and hate speech proliferate and pollute our world, impacting upon the lives of many people?

If we stand silent we allow the lies and abuse to have free reign, normalising such behaviour and allowing freedom of speech to degenerate into freedom to abuse.

All that is presented here is done so in light of the deeper ills such activities expose and which affect our society as a whole.

The articles relating to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been extensively researched and fact checked, and form but part of a body of work dedicated to exposing the lack of accountability and corruption that allow such transgressions to take place in the unregulated online environment and the media to date.