Esther Rockett: healthcare activist or attacker of true healthcare advocates?

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Esther Rockett: healthcare activist or attacker of true healthcare advocates?

Science has shown that our lifestyle is the main factor in many illnesses and diseases, highlighting the roles played by alcohol, diet, exercise, smoking and stress.

But our lifestyle encompasses everything we do on a daily basis – it’s not something that is compartmentalised into sections of the day or the week or the year. Thus it makes sense to live a lifestyle that is as harmonious as possible and void of toxins to the body.

The students of Universal Medicine have been empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices that affect all areas of daily living – in the knowing that every choice matters. They have been inspired to transform their lifestyles by listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and because they see, feel and know that here is a man who lives what he presents. In addition, what they hear makes sense when all is understood, is very practical and has real, tangible results when lived.

Thus the students of Universal Medicine do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, take deep care of their bodies – exercising them regularly – and they actively deal with and address all sources of stress. As a result of making these changes the students have reported significant benefits to their health and wellbeing. Many have lost the excess weight they were carrying, they have more energy, more vitality, more joy and wellbeing than ever before, with many having experienced resolution of health conditions – including some chronic or long-term conditions. They are walking, talking, living examples of the tremendous benefits that can come from changing one’s lifestyle.

As a result they are true healthcare advocates – living a way of life that governments, doctors and healthcare organisations would love to see adopted far and wide due to the far reaching benefits that result. Imagine if the government could bottle what the students of Universal Medicine live:


All government targets in these areas would be smashed to smithereens!

And indeed it would make sense for a government to say – what are you doing? How are you doing it? How do you get a whole community of people to live in such a healthy way – if they are truly interested in improving the wellbeing of all.

Furthermore, the students of Universal Medicine understand that emotions like anger and frustration, for example, are also detrimental to health and they take responsibility for their emotional state of being as well. They know that the quality they bring to work or home affects not just them but also their colleagues, family and the wider environment. In short, they live with a high degree of responsibility for the care of themselves and their body.

The students of Universal Medicine were not always healthy by any means and so they know what it takes to turn around a life, to change behaviours that are abusive and toxic to the body to those that are truly healthy. As they have made those changes, they have practical lived experience that clearly demonstrates that these changes are possible.

However, these exemplars of true health and wellbeing have been relentlessly attacked and vilified by Esther Rockett – a woman who, ironically, calls herself a healthcare activist.

But would a true healthcare activist attack and denigrate people whose lifestyle is easily shown to contain all the elements that government and healthcare organisations would recommend?

A lifestyle including no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs, no junk food, healthy exercise, healthy diet and actively addressing sources of stress? Not only does it contain all these elements, in addition, with even just a little true investigation, one would discover and verify that making these changes has led to enormous changes in the health and wellbeing of those living them. Surely a true healthcare activist would be congratulating and praising people for making such healthy changes and would want to know how this has been achieved so that all may benefit.

Would a true healthcare activist attack a group of people on the Internet just because she/he disagrees with the religious and philosophical views of the group?

Would a true healthcare activist not know that people have the right to express and live the religious beliefs of their choosing and respect their right to do so?

Would a true healthcare activist lie, manipulate and distort information in order to deliberately cast a negative light where none existed? Would she/he accuse someone of sexual predation and grooming of young girls where no such conduct has ever occurred and there is obviously zero evidence of the same?

Would he/she abuse many people of being sexual abuse apologists with absolutely no evidence?

Surely a true healthcare activist who had genuine concern for the wellbeing of people would report any evidence of such gross acts they had to the police so a thorough investigation could be conducted? No such investigation has occurred as there is no evidence.

Would a true healthcare activist persistently use foul and vile language, reactive emotionality and continue to attack people they do not know and have never met and accuse them of vile acts with zero evidence of the same?

All of the above examples of hateful attacking and abusive behaviour are real examples carried out by Esther Rockett on a consistent and persistent basis over the last 3-4 years towards the students of Universal Medicine.

As a medical professional, it is clear to me that Esther Rockett is not a healthcare activist in any way shape or form – her track record is one of outright lies, manipulation, distortion, harassment, cyber-abuse and cyber-stalking.

The evidence is loud and clear for anyone who cares to take the time to truly investigate and discover who the real healthcare advocates are – and they do not include Esther Rockett.

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    By Dr Eunice Minford, MBChB MA Dipl Clin Ed FRCS Ed

    Eunice Minford works as a Consultant General Surgeon. She has trained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and has an MA in Applied Spirituality.