Joshua 'Josh' Robertson – utter lack of independence and reliability in reporting

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Joshua 'Josh' Robertson – utter lack of independence and reliability in reporting

In 2012 Josh Robertson was a journalist working in investigations for the Brisbane Courier Mail when he published two articles that followed the same maligning tone that had been established by Byron Kaye, Heath Aston and David Leser.

Robertson merely repeated the same unfounded allegations as all three journalists who preceded him.

He focused on the Brisbane Universal Medicine clinic, failing to make clear that it is an entirely separate business to Universal Medicine in Goonellabah that is run by Serge Benhayon. His interview with the two women who run the clinic went unreported. Jenny Ellis, co-director and co-owner of Universal Medicine Brisbane, wrote this account to address the imbalance:

Robertson also re-hashed the same complaints made to regulatory bodies by Byron Kaye, and conveniently omitted revealing the source of those complaints. Nor did he write a follow up piece when the complaints were dismissed.

Confirming the extent of his bias against Universal Medicine and the people associated with it, Josh Robertson also attempted to interfere with a conference given by the organisation Real Media Real Change. He went so far as to call guest speakers to discourage their involvement in the conference by passing on the alarmist false allegations that had been made by cyber-bullies, simply because the conference convener had a personal association with Universal Medicine.

Ironically the conference was about exploring the effects of cyber-bullying in the community.

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