Lance Martin, Riley Martin – Josh Robertson’s source exposed

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Lance Martin, Riley Martin – Josh Robertson’s source exposed

“After talking to over 50 people and a thorough investigation, Cyber expert Simon Smith estimates Martin has scammed Australians of more than half a million dollars”.

On Friday the 11th of May 2018, the Australian news program A Current Affair broadcast an exposé of the alleged bad business practices of Lance Martin, proprietor of “Travelalot”. He denied any wrongdoing – denied the fact that his company had taken money from customers for holidays that were never booked or were cancelled at the last minute. One woman who appeared on the show is still awaiting repayment of money, in spite of winning legal action against Martin. Formal complaints have been made about this man and his business to the ACCC (The Australian Consumer Complaints Commission).

It was revealed on the 27th of March 2018 by the Facts about Universal Medicine team, that Lance Martin and ‘Riley’ Martin are one and the same man. ‘Riley’ Martin was used by Joshua ‘Josh’ Robertson as the chief source in his recent ABC report, claiming wrongdoing by the highly reputed thoracic physician Dr Sam Kim.

Even more to the point, the allegedly disreputable business practices of Martin, had been exposed by the Facts team of writers (all private citizens, not people who would be officially deemed journalists) in 2014.

In the ACA report, Cyber security expert Simon Smith stated, “It's gone on too long and it should end and it should end right now.”

The fact is that the information has been available on the internet for a substantial period of time. It was the media who courted Martin – used him as the source for their long-running campaign against Universal Medicine – without once looking beneath the aggrieved veneer he has portrayed to see the real behaviours and motivations of the man.

None of Lance ‘Riley’ Martin’s past was a secret. He was also clearly and repeatedly exposed as a cyberbully, who continues to poorly cloak his identity behind pseudonyms.

The fact that Robertson failed to declare the full background of his source suggests either stunning ignorance and failure to investigate on his part, or it reveals the lengths he will go to conceal what some might consider to be his own ‘conflicts of interest’.

PHOTO SOURCE: 9 News, A Current Affair Program

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    By Dr Rachel Mascord, BDS (Hons), University Medal; Dentist

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