Media reform – what will change the face of media?

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Media reform – what will change the face of media?

The media has a crucial role to play in a healthy democratic society.

Yet our media is beset with multiple systemic failures. Poor standards of reporting, biases and inaccuracies flourish in print and electronic media. Falsehoods, repeated through the media, develop a ‘life of their own’, destroying people’s reputations and lives and compromising community trust. When rare retractions are made, they never balance the profound level of harm done.

These problems are entrenched through a system of self-regulation that offers no justice and no effective system of redress. In short, the media is a law unto itself.

In this conversation, Adam Warburton discusses the nature and conduct of the media, bringing a much needed historical context to its current failures. The fact is that none of these issues are new – “Fake news” might be a trending term, but the phenomenon itself has been with us for hundreds of years.

Adam also explores the Leveson and Finkelstein Media Inquiries conducted in 2012 in the UK and Australia, and the reasons neither were adopted – in spite of the balanced and simple guidelines for independent media regulation both offered.

A potential future for the media is offered; an approach to the art of journalism that truly serves its professionals and the community as one.

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Interview with Rachel Mascord

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  • Thumb small adam warburton

    By Adam Warburton, Builder

    I am a builder and a husband. I do not profess to live a life of extremes, but subscribe to the virtue of simplicity, dealing with all the same daily challenges most of us face. I love my wife... my job, my family…oh, and the world.

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    By Dr Rachel Mascord, BDS (Hons), University Medal; Dentist

    I am an experienced dentist, and dedicated lover of science and media. Both are in urgent need of reform to make them real, accountable and something of true service to everyone. Media barons and sceptics beware.

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    Photography: Dean Whitling, Brisbane based photographer and film maker of 13 years.

    Dean shoots photos and videos for corporate portraits, architecture, products, events, marketing material, advertising & website content. Dean's philosophy - create photos and videos that have magic about them.