Media Today

What we see is determined by the lens through which we look. The media is one such lens and a powerful tool in shaping our picture of the world. Does this lens remain clear or do we allow it to become muddied by distortions of truth that portray things as we would wish them to appear, and not as they truly are? A media based on integrity as called for by the people, serves a crucial role in our community, and that is to uncover and present the truth – all of it – without fear or favour so that we each can arise out of the fog that so binds us.

To do this we need to have the courage to remove our blindfolds and peer deep into all that exists in the world by virtue of the fact that we put it there. If we didn’t put it there directly, we put it there indirectly by turning a blind eye, and so equally, we can remove it.

‘Media Today’ articles invite us to remove our blindfolds and begin to see again for ourselves. By shining a light into the dark corners we have allowed in the world, we are called to be active participants in restoring truth to all facets of our lives. We need not await the media to do this for us, for truth never left, it was we who turned our backs and walked away, and so it is we who must make the choice to turn around and walk back to what we seemingly ‘left behind’.