We all know the state of our environment is drastically out of balance and this disharmony is posing a substantial threat to the existence of all species on this planet, including ourselves. It seems the experts cannot agree on the extent of the problem, nor have they been able to offer lasting solutions that address the severity of impacts we are all facing.

In this video Serge Benhayon and Professor William Foley present how the greatest threat to our environment is the way we as humans live. Therefore, in order to heal the imbalance in our external environment, we need to first address the imbalance we have created within ourselves.

“We need to understand if humanity gets it right we will be far more responsible and respectful to the environment, but if we try and fix the environment as a solution and not fix mankind, it's not going to work” Serge Benhayon.

True climate change begins with us each taking responsibility for our own emissions. That is, the choices we make and the hurts that we are willing to deal with will determine the quality of that which we express in every thought, word and action. In order to not harm our environment, we must first heal ourselves.

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