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What we see is determined by the lens through which we look.

The media is one such lens and a powerful tool in shaping our picture of the world. Does this lens remain clear or do we allow it to become muddied by distortions of truth that portray things as we wish them to appear, and not as they truly are?

Our eyes and ears are bombarded daily with an onslaught of information coming at us from all angles through our electronic streams; TV screens, smartphones, computers, tablets, you name it, we’ve got it ... but how often do we pause to consider whether what we receive is a clear portrayal of what is truly taking place?

That is, are the ‘news stories’ we are consuming being accurately represented OR are they based on agendas that we are unaware of and therefore come shaped to sell in order to provoke a frenzy of attention and reaction?

We each have an inbuilt radar for truth, for in essence truth is what we are made up of and where we come from and so deep down, we know when we are being fed a lie. There are some inspired journalists who are deeply committed to reporting things as they truly are, no matter how uncomfortable this may be for both them and their readers. When a journalist is aligned to all that is true they naturally will write in a way that is fair, accurate and balanced and takes all people into consideration. Great investigative journalism, researched and presented with integrity and care, assists in uncovering the corruption rife in the world around us that we otherwise remain blind to, and stands as testimony to all that is possible when a journalist is wholeheartedly committed in their service to truth and to community.

However, there are also journalists who seem to have forsaken truth and in this allow themselves to be driven by their own self-serving agendas and those of media barons whose prime interest is their market share. These irresponsible journalists allow opinion and bias to shape their words so that what they dish up becomes contaminated by what is not true, without care or regard for the people involved. That is, they become part of the corruption instead of casting light upon it.

Who is responsible for the quality of that which we consume?

In life as we currently live it, we are fed a banquet of lies on a daily basis and either feign ignorance or we simply don’t care ... perhaps until we or someone we love becomes a target of disreputable reporting. And so we cannot place all of the responsibility for what we are served on the shoulders of the publishers. By our own volition, truth and integrity are bypassed when news media is treated as a form of entertainment and/or distraction instead of a voice of truth. Our ensuing apathy and/or chosen blindness means that poor standards of media behaviour continue unchecked and the truth of the matters at hand become buried beneath a rubble of sensation and noise.

If we are serious about wanting truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then we need to understand that we feed the media that subsequently feeds us.

That is, what we consume is what we have asked for. If we seek entertainment in preference to learning about the real issues that blight our society, and if we choose distraction over responsibility, then we will develop a media that will serve us an avalanche of entertainment and distraction under which we can hide. A media fashioned in this way will naturally offer nothing that truly alleviates our suffering or calls us to rise out of the quagmire of a way of being that simply is not working.

A media based on integrity as called for by the people, serves a crucial role in our community, and that is to uncover and present the truth – all of it – without fear or favour, so that we each can arise out of the fog that so binds us.

To do this we need to have the courage to remove our blindfolds and peer deep into all that exists in the world by virtue of the fact that we put it there. If we didn’t put it there directly, we put it there indirectly by turning a blind eye, and so equally, we can remove it.

‘Media Today’ articles invite us to remove our blindfolds and begin to see again for ourselves. By shining a light into the dark corners we have allowed in the world, we are called to be active participants in restoring truth to all facets of our lives.

We need not await the media to do this for us, for truth never left, it was we who turned our backs and walked away, and so it is we who must make the choice to turn around and walk back to what we seemingly ‘left behind’.

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    By Liane Mandalis, Childcare worker

    Writer, philosopher, lover of life, of people and of the vast Universe we are a glorious part of, mother, carer for children, devoted student of The Way of the Livingness and humble disciple to the truth.