Universal Medicine in the news – a call for decency and truth in media

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Universal Medicine in the news – a call for decency and truth in media

In this conversation we meet Rebecca Asquith and Andrew Baldwin, the people behind the website “Universal Medicine in the News, The True History”. This website is a crucial piece of media, revealing an ongoing campaign of press vilification against the business Universal Medicine and the man who is its founder, Serge Benhayon.

It stands as a call for decency and truth in media, at a time when media regulation is failing us all. Rebecca and Andrew remind us that we as consumers have played a role in the media we have today, simply because we have not made a demand for higher standards that honour not only the truth in relation to a story, but the truth that honours us all as individuals and community.

Universal Medicine in the News, The True History has a solid body of articles, written with the responsibility, care and dedication to truth that is so lacking in the mainstream. It will continue to report on the way Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are represented in the News.
You can read about Rebecca Asquith and Andrew Baldwin, two people who have observed and documented this case study in press abuse, and have dedicated themselves to the call for an accountable media and a responsible consuming public.

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Interview with Rachel Mascord

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    By Dr Rachel Mascord, BDS (Hons), University Medal; Dentist

    I am an experienced dentist, and dedicated lover of science and media. Both are in urgent need of reform to make them real, accountable and something of true service to everyone. Media barons and sceptics beware.

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    By Andrew Baldwin

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    By Rebecca Asquith, BA

    Internet professional, media educator, writer, producer and presenter Rebecca has a keen interest in the intersection between media & communication and our health & wellbeing.