It’s time for the world to wake from its Sleep

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It’s time for the world to wake from its Sleep

I wasn’t always able to handle the content of world news. I purposefully kept myself in the dark, in my own little world, choosing to avoid newspapers and evening television.

I didn’t like seeing the disharmony in the world, the harm we caused others and the harm people experienced as well. If I happened to catch a glimpse of the news, I would often feel sad and hopeless about the devastating position humanity was in. I had embraced the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ wholeheartedly and was caught in a whole lot of sympathy as well.

A few years ago, though, I felt it was time to remove my head from the sand, for my ignorance was not very responsible at all. I started by signing up to electronic news but could only review the headlines. It was a start nevertheless, a first step to be able to allow myself to become more ‘aware’ of what was happening in the world.

So, today, I took a snapshot of what was happening in the world, this one day on Earth, and this is what I found[1]:-

  • Tourists killed in horror bus crash
  • Teenage axe attacker had IS flag in room
  • Indonesian ISIS terror leader killed
  • He can lie about anything – Donald Trump
  • Couple finds human head on the beach
  • 'I’m surprised somebody wasn’t killed'
  • Melania’s speech was plagiarised
  • 123k people forced into march of shame
  • 'I felt like an animal, a refugee'
  • What Olympic officials don’t want shown
  • Anti-Mugabe protest pastor freed
  • South Sudan president orders ceasefire
  • Australia offers PNG government help to prevent unrest after police shooting of student protesters
  • Scary superbug found off Rio beaches
  • Creepy crowd spy on couple having sex
  • Incredible pictures of Fukushima’s deserted towns frozen in time
  • Country on the brink of civil war
  • 'Why should I keep and feed them'
  • Truth about power-mad leader
  • 'Deputy mayor in Istanbul shot'
  • 'An ideal place to dump a body'
  • Aussie quizzed over boozy bucks tragedy
  • Inside the bloody carriage of train attack
  • Germany Train Attacker
  • North Korea fires three missiles

So this is what we are up to! Nothing to be proud of. Not a sign of any real intelligence at all. And it was just one single day, with tomorrow being another day with more headlines, and then there is the day after that with more events probably just as shocking and gruesome as today.

If I was to sit up on the moon and look down on this planet, I would determine Earth to be in a mess and yet many humans on the planet have found a comfortable nook, just like me sitting on the North Coast of New South Wales with gorgeous beaches, rainforests and countryside, feeling all that ugliness has nothing to do with me. But it does have something to do with me, for I am an integral part of this planet with a role to play.

The trouble is that in a country like Australia we can get very comfortable and we aren’t particularly challenged with the extremities that we see around the world. Generally, we don’t really worry about natural disasters although they happen from time to time; we don’t really worry about poverty because we have social welfare; we don’t really worry about food or hunger, we don’t really worry about access to clean water; in fact, we don’t really have to worry about our basic needs very much at all. In many ways, we can say we are well provided for and so we sit back with our security and our comfort and just lap it up in the knowing that there are a heap of people ‘out there’ that don’t have it as good as we do.

There are countries in the world, where it isn’t looking so grand. Refugees are fleeing poverty and war-torn countries. Human trafficking affects 2.5 million men and women around the world[2], 800,000 women and children are trafficked across international borders and used commercially as sex slaves[2], war and terrorism is deep in hate and destruction, rates of illness and disease are escalating; suicide bombers are taking lives; one-third of all schools globally lack access to safe water and adequate sanitation[3]; 792.5 million people are undernourished[4] whilst many others are obese, interracial differences and hatred flares up violent outbreaks leading to death; more than 6 billion people live in countries with a serious corruption problem[5]; while over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year[6].

This is the snapshot of where we are at in the world and it’s not very attractive.

So as I sit on the moon and look down at the planet, taking in all that I see, and ponder on what I make of all of this, how far away are we from being a healthy and united society that works together as one?

If I am not being emotional or reactive; if I’m not trying to fix things; if I’m not trying to overpower or make ‘my country’ look almighty and powerful; if I’m not trying to cover my tracks of deception; if I’m not trying to make groups of people ‘pay’ for the unrest that I feel within – then what is needed to bring us into line?

We need to stop. Please, just for a moment we need to stop. For a day, for a month or a year and just look at our world and its historical facts and assess how close we are to being a Loving Planet. We need to stop and look honestly at the state of our own lives, for if there is a skerrick of abuse going on ‘out there,’ then I can be assured that its going on in my life too. Gosh, we are way off track, wouldn’t you agree?

Here in Australia, if we look more closely and more realistically, we must assess whether we are really in a great position, without lessening the abuse and lovelessness that exists by comparing ourselves with other countries, for that only allows us to stay just as we are and accept all that is loveless in our lives.

We are not isolated from illness and disease. Suicide is on the rise with 153,580 deaths registered in Australia in 2014 alone[7], each night 1 in 200 people are homeless[8]; there is fighting between races and religions; just under 500,000 women were affected by domestic violence in one year, including physical and sexual assault[9]; mental health affects around 7.3 million or 45% of Australians aged 15-85[10] as well as abuse in our workplaces, tension in relationships, cyber abuse, murder and assault... just look in the papers and you’ll see this is true. Abuse is rife in our nation and our communities too.

Serge Benhayon presented that if ‘everything is energy, then everything is because of energy’. If all that is happening in the world is because of energy, then we must establish for ourselves whether something or a situation is of the quality of energy that comes from Love (from Soul) or Lovelessness (from Spirit).

We need to live life by energy, using our ability to feel energy, known as clairsentience, as our marker of Truth, rather than the deceptiveness of what we see and hear. For if life is about energy, then we need to use the tools we have to clock what energy is around us at any given time. This places responsibility right back with each of us notwithstanding whether it is me living in my quiet and safe village or another in a war-torn country. We each must understand life by energy, and then we wouldn’t point the finger at another and retaliate with further harm. We don’t need to get too far down the track where we are at war or where we are planning an attack, for we would know that it is simply a choice to reconnect to soul.

If I don’t live each day with Love in my body, making decisions and communicating with other people with the openness, tenderness and clarity that is Love, then how can my decisions be truly loving and serve another? They will not.

They will have an element of self, or manipulation, or self-reward or recognition, or game playing, or ‘make pay’, or ‘save face’; they will have an element of many things but they will not have the quality of Love that we know in our inner-heart Love to be. So it is clear, that we each have a responsibility to live, move and speak in a way which is impulsed from our Soul, not the waywardness of our spirit that keeps us in separation – a separation that plays out right in front of our faces, causing great destruction in our world, and great comfort too.

Quite often as humans we respond in outrage and protest, sometimes we want someone to pay (even a whole race or community), sometimes we turn a blind eye and sometimes we feel almost numb to the atrocities we hear, rationalising it to be ‘out there’ and ‘not a part of my life’. And yet, it is a part of me, because if everything is energy, then that is an energy that runs through my body as well and can appear in its insidious ways (even in a lesser degree) in my life too. We are all connected, and thinking thoughts that as human beings we are not connected but separate in every way is only going to keep us in the illusion that we are doing OK or that this is not our problem. But clearly we are not doing OK, and it is our problem.

So as I sit on my moon looking down at the earth, I see the great irresponsibility of each of its human beings, living a life that looks after oneself and its closest and dearest and isolating the ‘others’ in a box titled ‘too hard to deal with’. We’ve all heard comments such as ‘I don’t like that community, let’s get them out of our country’; ‘I don’t want poor people squatting near my home. Move them to the ghettos’; ‘I can’t tolerate women or homosexuality or Muslims, let’s physically hurt them’. No, this is not the way.

These attitudes and behaviours are driven by loveless energy that specifically goes for our security, our comfortable way of life, as it knows we will fight to hold on to this comfort, triggering further separation.

We don’t want to lose our comfort or have anything negative impact on our lives in either mild or extreme forms, and we do fear on some level, that what happens ‘out there’ might one day happen here too.

So to take action ... but what action to take when the war is a war of energy between what is Love and what is Love-less? It is clear any action impulsed by emotion or fear will cause even more disharmony. We have seen this recently when Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, came under scrutiny for sending in troops to Iraq[11]. Whether it was by good intention or otherwise, acting in a way to further contribute to the mess will only bury us deeper. I’m not saying to act or not act as this is a matter to be considered deeply in each moment, but the next step must always consider the energetic truth of a situation and ask from an energetic perspective, ‘what is really happening here’ or ‘what is really going on?'

We must consider that situations happen to make a country and a world wake up from their sleep. When looking at what happens in any nation, we must ask whether the people have become too oppressed, too lethargic, too accepting of abuse, that they need to feel the hardship or tension to get themselves out of comfort, or to stop political unrest, or to stamp out corruption, or the evilness of the sex slave or drug industry? If we do not clearly see the world as it is, then we will remain unawakened and caught in the mess. Could so-called misfortunes happening on this planet be a loving way to call a stop to all that is not of Love and give us human beings the blessing to make different choices and to live another way?

Indeed the question must be asked and, if this is indeed the case, we must take a moment to look at what is happening on Earth, just like I did today, and consider what corrections are we asking for to amend our wayward ways.

And yet, it’s not all doom and gloom.

As I sit on my moon looking down at the Earth, I do see the sparkling lights of human beings beginning to turn on as they connect to the fiery Love that sits within. There are moments of joy, people speaking Truth, harmony developing in relationships and abuses of all levels being squashed. There is corruption at its worst being exposed; paedophilia in the church coming to the light; women and men remembering who they really are; people waking up to the illusion, and many breaking free from abuses of all levels.

There are some who are beginning to turn on and step out into the world again without any fear, governed by a true and deep Love for each other and more able to offer understanding to all that has been set in motion to keep us apart. As we venture down a path of returning to who we really are, by connecting to Love, we will find a glorious path on our way back home, where the light shines so very bright, a Love that brings tears of Joy.

So perhaps it’s time for each of us to wake from our sleep, to be ruffled from our comfort, to be stirred so not to ignore the realities of our world, and to bring understanding to those ‘big and ugly’ situations where we have lost perspective not to mention human respect, and begin to live and express as the Divine beings we really are.

It’s time to wake up from our sleep. It’s time to make Love our way.


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