The gods who fight the sky: an open letter to atheists

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The gods who fight the sky: an open letter to atheists

After reading a thread of tweets that recently crossed my path – an imposition from a collusion of atheists – what I felt in response, short and sweet, is as follows:

Guys (i.e. dear atheist brothers),

I know God, and that being the case can categorically tell you he is completely unaffected and unmoved by your ongoing decrees and proclamations of his non-existence.

You may as well be telling me I don't exist, even as I write (and you read) these words, or might stand in person before you. But you would deny me, and what's more you would deny yourselves, as you are in essence the same as me. And I, and therefore you – we all – are in essence no less than God.

In choosing to deny God, intellectually, so you deny yourself. There is a futility to this, as you are effectively firing arrows at the sky in a futile attempt to attack God and bring down the heavens. Those arrows are your mental concepts about what God is and is not, whether he exists, or not. But your thoughts, concepts and beliefs don't affect or create the Truth of the matter, they simply disconnect you from your essence, in which you could and would know, as I do, God.

And when you fully realise and tire in the futility of firing your arrows at the sky, unconvinced of your misguidedness, you then lower your aim to shoot them in contempt at your brothers, your fellow man, in particular any of whom might venture to express their belief in, or knowing of, God.

You can attack a belief in the mind of another, and so possibly persuade them, but you can't attack or affect what is known in their heart, from their essence. So in Truth there is and can be no argument for atheism, not with or against the one who is connected in their essence, which is God, as they stand before you no less than God.

Despite your best efforts, there is no escaping your own essence – another futility. Run as fast and as far as you can to escape the sky. Bury yourself as deeply as you can in the mud of your concepts and beliefs. Your essence remains and is with you always, unaffected... unmoved.

With Love
Peter Cavanagh

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    By Peter Cavanagh

    I am a career public servant, working as a Parliamentary & Legislation Advisor, and in this capacity a professional writer. On the personal side, I am a musician and a keen student of life and the Universe.

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