Students Speak Up

The students of Universal Medicine have been subject to a sustained campaign of victimisation and cyber-bullying by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin for more than two years. We have been labelled “followers”, derided as stupid, described as groomers for a paedophile, threatened with acts of aggression and have been the recipients of every insulting epithet that could be conjured by Rockett and her band of contributors. Esther Rockett and Lance Martin have also attempted to interfere with people’s public reputations and have worked in underhand ways to have them dismissed from their jobs.

And all of this destructive effort has been focussed to do damage to people they have never met, simply because they have chosen to study the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and live in accordance with those teachings.

In this series of articles the students of Universal Medicine “speak up” in response to the abuse, lies and propaganda spread by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin in their self-serving mission.