My meal with the media (Part 2) – what exactly are we ingesting?

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My meal with the media (Part 2) – what exactly are we ingesting?

Picture this –

It is Thursday afternoon. I am in a private counselling and healing session at the Universal Medicine (UM) clinic in Goonellabah, NSW. I leave the clinic in a state of quiet and inner stillness after being treated with dignity and respect in a very loving, caring and professional way by its practitioners and staff. As I leave, the staff and a fellow client who was approached as she entered the clinic, have the courtesy to inform me that there is a reporter, Joshua Robertson, and a cameraman from the ABC news positioned outside and that I do not need to leave now if I do not feel comfortable doing so. However, I have young children who need to be picked up from school and so I must leave.

Upon departure from the clinic there are no immediate signs of the reporter or cameraman, however, as I walk to my car they swiftly spring into view taking up strategic positions by which they can film me, without my permission. I say strategic because in this country (Australia) from what I understand of the laws, you can be filmed without your consent on private property if the persons filming you are on public land. In this instance, the cameraman was standing on the opposite side of the road and filming me head on as I was driving out and the reporter, Joshua Robertson, who had his arms folded and was looking in the opposite direction over his shoulder, was positioned on my right on the same side of the road as me and on the corner of the driveway of the Clinic.

As you can imagine, having just come out of a very private, quiet and honouring space and to be affronted in this way, a camera aimed directly at me, was a complete violation of my own personal space – a violation it would seem that is sanctioned under Australian law.

On the one hand we could easily dismiss this as a routine situation, an ‘investigative journalist’ simply ‘doing his job’. He is not technically on private property when the shooting is taking place and he is not directly approaching me. So what is the harm, right? Furthermore, this is not tabloid press; this is the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). They have standards and codes of conduct they seek to uphold . . . surely . . . the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there is no seeming violence, no blood, no loud sounds of aggression so all is well, isn’t it?

Or is it . . . ?

What the eyes receive is not always the truth of what is there.

By this I mean that there is always more going on below the surface than what we care to cast an eye towards. I am speaking here about the world of energy that is detected but largely ignored by ALL humans. And even though I am well aware this is largely still a ‘no go’ zone amongst the majority of us, and that anyone who even tries to talk about energy in a world that champions physicality and its known and clearly defined ‘evidence based’ parameters above and beyond anything else, has the potential to ‘face the firing squad’ of sceptics armed with the bullets of ‘rationality’ and be labelled a ‘loony’ or a ‘quack’ . . . the truth remains that we, as humans, need to talk about this, because if we do not we are going to descend deeper and deeper into the utter corruption and destruction of the world as we have created it and have no foundation on which to draw breath and make sense of it all.

There are forces at play behind the physical world and behind the veil we let shroud our eyes that do not ever escape our innate senses.

For just as we have the five temporal senses that allow us to see, hear, taste, touch and smell the world around us, so too do we have a 6th sense (clairsentience) that allows us to feel our surroundings and sense whether any person or situation we are faced with is coming from an intent to harm us or not. We all have this capability and it is not spooky or strange or reserved for the gifted or weird few, it is just that we have been conditioned to override these feelings so we get used to them ‘not being there’ when they actually are.

  • How often is what we feel at odds with what we see?
  • If it all looks so normal, why does it feel so wrong?

After being filmed without my consent I continued to drive, but I had to pull over the car because I was visibly shaken by this incident. I felt completely violated, intimidated, bullied, imposed upon and affronted on all accounts and from all angles. No matter which way I turned and assessed this situation, I could not stop the feeling that something here was very awry.

I know this energy – its smell, its taste, its touch, its sound. I know how it moves, it speaks, it bullies and it coerces. The truth is that we all do. It is age-old supremacy energy and whether it comes in its more grotesque and obvious forms such as genocide, murder, torture etc. or in its more seemingly subtle forms through workplace/schoolyard bullying or simply a look in the eye, this energy is all from the one and the same source of energy that seeks to completely annihilate our expression of all that is fair and loving and true. In short, it exists to obliterate any expression of divinity no matter how small this may be, wherever and whenever it should appear.

Supremacy energy has existed since the moment we as spirits separated from our Soul and began our descent into physicality. As such, it is specifically designed to keep us from reconnecting to our divinity (Soul) so that we play only human and thereby live small and in the shadows, too afraid to speak up and live the full greatness we are lest we incur the wrath of this ‘monster’. We have all had experiences with this at some stage, if not across all stages of our lives.

Having encountered the media in the past, both with my personal dealings with Daily Telegraph reporter Jane Hansen in 2015 and also by being present when a Uniting Church minister David Millikan stood up with a camera crew planted in the audience at one of the first UM presentations I attended back in 2012 and condemned us all for being in a ‘cult’, I know first hand the mechanisations behind such orchestrations. I understand that the majority of the journalists we have today are only after a good story and they will go to great lengths to secure it. And by ‘good’ I do not mean one that is virtuous and true, but one that panders to the appetite of its intended viewers – that is, they (the media) supply us with what we (the consumers) demand.

And what is it exactly that we demand?

The truth is, when we live empty of our true self (disconnected from our Soul) we demand to be filled by a sumptuous feast, a banquet if you will, that panders to our every desire that will deliver the precise energetic vibration required to quell the tension we feel that comes from having access to a body of love (our Soul) but not connecting to and expressing this love.

As much as we may well be loath to admit it, we crave the sensationalism, the lies and the scandals that such junk food journalism offers us. We want to inhale its aroma and taste it upon our tongues because it provides us with a certain relief for the tension we feel, because deep down we all know that the way we are living is not it. We all feel the corruption, the lies and the utter devastation of the world we have created and the sub-humane treatment and abuse at all levels – physical, mental and emotional that we subject each other to on a daily basis in our own homes, in our workplaces, on-line etc. We know this creates a tension in us, a deep unsettlement that will not go away; the ‘unscratchable itch’ we have to live with everyday.

And so naturally we want out, but the out that we seek is not the true release that comes from reconnecting to our multidimensionality (our Soul’s love and light); the ‘out’ we seek is the relief that comes with diving head first into all that promises to numb us to everything that is going around us and within us. This is why we reach for the ice cream, the chips, the extra portion of food, the love-less sex, the drugs, the violence, the elation, the fight with our partner/kids/friends/work colleagues, the TV remote, our various devices . . . anything and everything that will deliver the required vibration and alleviate the tension we all feel that comes from overriding our true godliness.

And so what we are fed by the media is the exact meal we have ordered that will bring on the desired oblivion once we have ingested it.

Even if we are not the ones who are actively watching, participating or endorsing such scandalous lies and demanding to be titillated at this level, our chosen complacency to ignore that all this is happening or even that it could be having any sort of impact on us, actually enables this abuse to occur. BIG OUCH. By virtue of our chosen and much sought after comfort and silence, we enable the very abuse we abhor. This is something Serge Benhayon does not ever shy away from presenting for us to consider so that we have all the tools required to support us to arise out of this mud we have immersed ourselves in, should we so choose this for ourselves.

But it goes even deeper – just in case we can see through the evil of complacency, we have the other side of the equation offered to us from the one and same source of energy . . . and that is via the political activist style fervour to ‘stand up and fight it’, not with the strength of the solid foundation of love and truth that we could be standing on, but from the same source of energy we are in reaction to and from a victimhood that in fact cherishes and relies on the abuse for its existence. And so the futile game begins as we source all that is not love (evil), to fight all that is not love (evil). It is a bit like painting a grey wall with grey paint and hoping to see a splash of colour.

Yes, the very ‘monster’ we then curse for being on our screens, in our homes, our workplaces, our schools and in our faces, that terrorises our children at night, infiltrating our dreams, telling us how to be, think, act, speak and behave according to its loveless dictates and not in accord with our own true values that come from a place that is decent, humane and loving within us, is enabled by either our complacency to ‘do nothing’ or our fervour to ‘do good’, ‘fight the good fight’ and ‘seek justice’. But because we are sourcing grey paint to paint an already grey wall, no amount of check-out, ignoring, channel switching, writing a letter of complaint, broadcasting the truth, picketing, setting up a petition, putting things right etc. will ever shift this monster that has set up residence within us, if we have not first gone to a different source of energy and thus reached for a ‘different pot of paint’.

Hence why if we do truly want things to change then we need to come at all of this from a completely different angle and source the broad spectrum of multidimensionality (love) that we are, in order to counter all that we can see and feel does not match this.

But here is the catch – we have to want to source this. Because if we are absolutely honest with ourselves, there is a certain ‘buzz’ or perceived ‘high’ that we get from this seemingly endless oscillation between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and the assumed right it gives us to live in reaction and judge each other thus confirming our sold out belief to ‘play it safe’, live guarded, don’t get too close to others etc. all so we get to live in isolation to each other and to our innermost self. On top of all this, this source of energy (the ‘grey paint’ by way of this analogy) will not let us know that we are not in charge of it all and that we are simply a vehicle of expression; a puppet on a string that is plugged into only one of two energy sources.

According to the Ageless Wisdom that lives and breathes within us all, the immutable and unchangeable truth is as Serge Benhayon consistently, lovingly and unashamedly presents and that is that we – ALL OF US – live in an ocean of energy. Everything is energy and that energy will vibrate to only one of its two sources:

  1. Fire: the Soul’s light and love and all that has been divinely Co-created at one with our creator (God/the Universe)

  2. Prana: also divinely created but of a much lesser vibration than Fire and as such not our true breath.

When we are physically incarnated into human form we only need a very small amount of prana via food, exercise and nature, in order to sustain our physicality in this plane of life. Other than that, it is Fire (connection to our Soul) that truly sustains us in the energetic sense.

Which brings us to a now third source of energy that is entirely human created and introduced into this plane of life, not by God, but by the human etheric spirit (and we all have one, no exceptions) that lives in separation to the godliness it comes from. This energy is known esoterically as ‘astral energy’ and because it has not a drop of divinity within it, it is pure poison for us to ingest.

Astral energy is also known as ‘circulation energy’ for as it is not divinely created it has no source of its own to feed it and thus relies on our continual use of it to keep it in constant circulation. Imagine trying to keep a ball in the air when it naturally wants to succumb to the force of gravity and fall down, we would need many players and many hands to keep that ball airborne. In the same way, circulation energy requires the breath of many to keep it afloat. When we take in more than our required dose of prana and make our bodies heavy and dense, we provide a ripe environment for astral energy – an energy that is completely at odds to the exquisite love we each in essence are – to enter, much like a virus invades its host. Even worse, we then get so used to it being around us and in us, that we either let this abuse fly under the radar and/or we champion it as our norm and attack anyone that tries to alert us to its presence.

If we are able to ponder on this then we begin to understand that we are not merely passive recipients or victims to a media gone haywire with corruption. We are willing instigators that simply align, by virtue of our movement, to an energy source and thereafter all we are fed comes directly from this source. The thing is – our Soul will always let us know we are a ‘vehicle of expression’ and not the creator or source of it, while our spirit will not. And so the truth we cannot avoid is that it is our spirit that is the part of us that craves the required amount of prana that will make us feel delineated, individualised and identified by all we can seemingly create that then plugs us into the astral energy we are so addicted to but also so energetically raped by.

Back to the story at hand –

When what is reputed to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy sources of the nightly news in Australia sources the work of ‘Esther Rockett - a woman who is responsible for over 6 years of relentless and abusive trolling activity which is as pervasive online as it is offline, along with a man - Lance ‘Riley’ Martin - nationally reported as a conman with numerous changing names and victims to his business scams, so it can run with the entirely false and defamatory headline that a business devoted entirely to supporting people to restore their true levels of health and vitality, is a ‘cult’, the story is given what seems like instant credibility. Why? Because we sense the exact quality of the vibration on offer and like a moth to the light we are drawn to its source.

Yes it is WE the seemingly innocent public, (who pretend that we are simply at the mercy of heartless corporations and media machines), that want and thirst for this vibration with all its sensationalism and drama because we know it will deliver us the required vibration we hunger for and thus the frequency of energy we can align with that will give us the ‘easy out’ of having to feel the eternal unsettlement and deep seated unrest we live in everyday.

In this way we trade our awareness for the numbness on offer and allow the unseen forces to shape us and dictate exactly how we are to live our life under the illusion that it is us making the choices and not simply the choices we are offered from the pool of consciousness (energy) we have aligned to.

  • Yes it is WE who have invited this ‘monster’ into our homes and expected it to play fair and decent when the very foundation it was shaped from is rotten to the core.
  • It is WE who have demanded to be fed by this hand after we have raised such a beast from its infancy.
  • And so it is WE who have blurred the lines between what is true and what is not, what is entertainment and what is news, what is fiction and what is fact.

And to illustrate this point further with the example at hand, it is perhaps no accident that according to the public boastings of the cyber troll, Esther Rockett, the ABC supposedly gave her some credit for whatever she presented them with for a forthcoming episode in a TV series about cults, a woman who is responsible for launching this hate campaign and media circus into the public eye from the deep recesses of her own personal imaginings aided by the vengeful fantasies of a cyber bully, Lance Martin, who imagines that this business, Universal Medicine, is somehow responsible for the demise of his unsuccessful marriage.

Hmmm . . . a public outcry in the news about ‘cults’ infiltrating our health systems and workplaces, preying on innocent women and children coupled nicely with a new up and coming ABC TV show on the same subject matter . . . could this be a conflict of interest? A whetting of the appetite for the garbage that is about to be offered for consumption and using real human beings and their lives for the whetting?

Dig a little deeper and you will find that the reporters with a vendetta, the woman who trolls and the angry ex-husband are all ‘in bed’ with each other and all carry a personal and unfounded gripe about Universal Medicine which they perhaps feel gives them the right to spread malicious and defaming lies about people without a care for the truth of the situation they have all had access to and how their string of vexatious complaints (all dismissed by the appropriate authorities) have impacted the lives and livelihoods of many, not to mention the taxpayer’s pocket.

It just so happens that I met Lance Martin and his then-wife Anna Douglass well before I became a client and student of Universal Medicine, as we all lived on the same street at the time. Years later when I started to regularly attend the presentations of Universal Medicine, Lance Martin had a go at recruiting my husband for what seemed to be a gathering or gang of ‘disgruntled ex-husbands’, no matter this was not the case with us. You can read more about our experience here.

But I do not have to have met these characters; Lance Martin, Jane Hansen or Joshua Robertson to see and sense exactly what is going on here. These people hold no significance in the sense that if it were not they, it would be others that would be used as pawns in this medieval style public spectacle that is our modern day media circus.

The truth is we allow the lines to blur between our news and entertainment and we allow this corruption to embed itself into the very fabric of our society, piercing through to and denigrating the very core of who we are, because it suits us to do so. And until we begin to set a solid foundation of values that are impulsed from our innermost self, then we will keep feeding the very monster we complain about having around us and working into us all the time.

Interestingly, my letters of complaint to the ABC were met with the usual response that assured me that my experience with the ABC and being filmed without my consent fell well within the parameters of what they have outlined in their Code of Practice to be reasonable and fair.

I was directed to Standard 6.1 that states:

Intrusion into a person’s private life without consent must be justified in the public interest and the extent of the intrusion must be limited to what is proportionate in the circumstances.

The justification for such an intrusion here being that:

“The focus of the report was the newsworthy fact that Dr Sam Kim had stood aside from his role with the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland Council after having secretly shared a patient’s medical history with Universal Medicine’s (UM) leader Serge Benhayon. The report noted that this was the second misconduct finding in a year involving the Brisbane doctor’s ties with UM. In terms of the footage that has caused you concern, ABC News management advise that there was no intention to cause distress to individuals; those who may have attended the UM centre on that day were not the focus of the report, however some vision of the clinic was necessary in telling the story. ABC News further advise that anyone filmed in the course of gathering material was de-identified by blurring of the vision that was used. As you note, your face was obscured by the way in which you were holding your mobile phone. It is relevant for us to further note that your connection with UM is in the public domain. Given this, and the fact that the faces of those outside the clinic that day were adequately obscured in this brief footage, Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied that the footage as broadcast could not reasonably be regarded as an intrusion into your private life. In the circumstances, we are satisfied that no consent was required for the filming and broadcast of this footage.”

What we see here is how such reductionist bureaucracy is very quick to dismiss the human experience and indeed renders it naught by a system that would appear to have very little to no care at its core as it has not been founded on principles that places the well-being of all people at the forefront. It is an entanglement of clever words that appear to be designed to strip you of your humanity as it sheds all accountability from itself.

In short it would be fair to say that energetically and metaphorically speaking this response from the ABC could be translated as –

“Look, if we dehumanise the target and shoot, it is not technically murder. Furthermore, if you choose to stand with the target then we also have a right to aim at you. If we hit you it is not our fault for firing bullets, it is your fault for getting in the way. After all, you knew we were shooting in the first place.”

Perhaps it is no accident here that the word for firing a gun and the filming are one and the same.

To further expose the hypocrisy of the standards we have allowed in our media corporations, the ABC’s Code of Conduct, principle 5 under ‘fair and honest dealings’ states that:

“Fair and honest dealing is essential to maintaining trust with audiences and with those who participate in or are otherwise directly affected by ABC content. In rare circumstances, deception or a breach of an undertaking may be justified. Because of the potential damage to trust, deception or breach of an undertaking must be explained openly afterwards unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.”

So again, the behind the scenes truth of what is being said here is that,

"We will treat you fairly to maintain your trust unless we think that you do not deserve to be treated in this way (i.e. does not suit our chosen agenda to do so) in which case we have every right to deceive you and not treat you fairly but we will be able to explain our reasons for this abuse which we may or may not tell you because that is up to our discretion because we are the ones setting this standard, not you."

The ABC also note that:

“The ABC potentially reaches the whole community, so it must take into account community standards. However, the community recognises that what is and is not acceptable in ABC content largely depends on the particular context, including the nature of the content, its target audience, and any signposting that equips audiences to make informed choices about what they see, hear or read.”

Again – a loophole for abuse because we do not have a unified code of conduct across all industries in our society thereby giving the open door for the ‘context argument’ because we have not yet established a set of standards and values within our community that are based on common decency and integrity and hold every person equal. Put simply, we have shifting determinants for abuse depending on what each of us perceive abuse to be in regard to our own personal experience of it and its seemingly broad spectrum, rather than living accordingly to what we all know is true and that is that anything less than the love that we are is abuse and needs to be called for what it is.

Principle 6 under ‘Privacy’ states that:

“Privacy is necessary to human dignity and every person reasonably expects that their privacy will be respected. But privacy is not absolute. The ABC seeks to balance the public interest in respect for privacy with the public interest in disclosure of information and freedom of expression.”

How is privacy not absolute? Either we are treated with dignity and respect or we are not. Could this potentially be telling us,

"We have every right to violate your personal space if it means we can deliver what the masses are hungry for, no matter there is not a crumb of truth in it. ‘Freedom of speech’ gives us this right" . . . ?

When the truth is that respect for people is not a token gesture but a way of living that ensures no matter the situation or person we are dealing with, our interactions with others will be respectful and decent and not outwardly abusive or even worse masked behind a thin veneer of ‘nice and polite’. Furthermore, what is “in the public interest”? Is it the yearning for truth or the insatiable hunger for sensation? And who determines the basis upon which the bounds of decency are transgressed?

As the regulators cannot be relied on, it looks like we are all sitting back and allowing the media to set the very low standards to which we then must all comply with. Another example of how we become complicit enablers to a heartless system with no care or decency at its core.

The point is that here we have a Code of Conduct from the ABC that specifically states that all due and reasonable care will be taken by the ABC in its dealings with people, but this is then perfectly perforated with all the required loopholes that give them the leeway to justify deception and breaches of privacy in order to legally get away with such violation. Their sliding scale of decency pivots on what they refer to as ‘context’ – a concept that allows them to shift their standards as they provide that which meets ’the public interest’. In other words a violation can be justified by the greater good they purport to offer.

  • But who has determined the ‘good ‘in this instance? Half a story with no examination of the half doing the story telling?
  • With which authority does the determination of public interest lie?
  • Why have we allowed the determination to lie with those whose Codes of Conduct and policies come devoid of ethics and decency?
  • Could it in fact suit us that this is the case, also considering that the ABC are not alone in this charade as this is also the case with other media outlets and their various specifically worded ‘codes of conduct'?

The truth is –

If we as a society allow standards to be set that are not based on a foundation of human decency, care and respect for each other then we will be measured according to those standards and not by all that is decent, loving and true.

And so the moral of this sorry tale is that we dine on a ‘banquet of evil’ that blinds us to the forces that then move us as we very specifically choose the menu that will very specifically delay our inevitable return to Soul.

However – just because we choose to remain blind to the forces that move us, does not for a second mean we are not being moved by them.

If we are to truly starve such a ‘beast’ then a massive rebuild is in order so that we stand on a foundation of love and truth and not abuse and its lies. This love will help to dissolve the veil that is preventing us from taking a deeper look at what we are served so we can really feel that what we may have long considered to be a ‘gourmet delicacy’ might actually be a can of writhing worms that was opened the moment we first separated from our Soul and its love.

And so as we sit contemplating tonight’s meal and all that has been dished up for us to digest, it serves us well to ask:

  • What is the quality of that which we are ingesting on a both a physical and energetic level?
  • And more precisely – where exactly will it leave us when the meal is complete?

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