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Universal Medicine leads the way out of ‘The cult of individuality’

Sitting at my desk writing this blog I feel liberated. At long last. I am 60 years of age, have undertaken many trips in the pursuit of the meaning of life, all the while not being able to see the wood for the trees... so entrenched have I been in the energy of the cult that has pulled the wool over the eyes of most of the population of the world.

The media calls students of Universal Medicine and members of the religion The Way of The Livingness a cult. I laugh to myself at this, as I know without a doubt that Universal Medicine is releasing me and many others from what is the ultimate cult – The Cult of Individuality: the cult that I had subscribed to for nearly 5 decades and probably many lives before that. No matter what trip I was on, I was still very much caught up, as everything always came back to feeling empty, damaging and loveless. In fact, you could also see it as 'the Cult of Indulgence' – but individuality is indulgent so we will leave it at that.

This is a cult we are all extremely familiar with and is widely considered a normal and comfortable way of being. Let’s look a little closer into this cult.

We’ll start with what is considered normal to ingest. This cult openly promotes salt[i] and sugar[ii], both known by serious independent researchers to be deadly, highly addictive poisons to the body and which are heavy contributors to the epidemic of diabetes and obesity. These poisons are unashamedly poured by the food industry into all processed foods, including the obvious junk foods as well as the so-called health foods, in the bid to addict – interfering with the natural function of the appetite to limit what one can eat, and ultimately lining the pockets of shareholders.

In this cult you are deemed uncool, antisocial and/or weird if you don’t drink coffee or partake of chocolate. The fact that coffee and other caffeine based drinks and substances actually leave you exhausted, playing havoc with your nervous system, is totally overlooked as people order their second double shot for the morning to pick them up and keep them going. What inevitably follows is alcohol, also loaded with sugar, also a known poison to the body, but ‘a necessity’ to unwind from all the caffeine and nervous tension this has caused. We also need the alcohol, or a weed, or a recreational drug, or copious amounts of gluten, (which is basically killing us as it is a glue, no matter what is said), to take us out of feeling what is going on within and around us.

You are ridiculed for saying you cannot digest gluten if you have not reached the dire stage of being medically diagnosed as a coeliac. In this cult you are ostracised for not partaking in the poison we call alcohol, even though it is a major contributor to domestic and other violence, rape, murder and road accidents.

In this cult, while we are partaking in all of this, we are wondering why our relationships are not working, or why we are totally consumed by the drama, the emotions, the rejection, the blame and the shame that they bring up, driving us to ‘have a good reason to medicate ourselves’ kind of attitude.

And between the coffees, the work dramas, the relationship emotions and the evening drinks there is the endless shopping, as in our face, night and day, is the constant parade of celebrities to make you feel you are never enough, feeding the need to consume more so that you ‘scrub up’ and ‘make the mark’.

This in turn promotes envy as you are bombarded through the media and the airwaves with ‘better homes and gardens than yours’, ‘bigger cars than yours’, ‘higher educated children’, ‘less wrinkles’, ‘tighter skin‘, ‘fuller lips’, ‘skinnier bodies’, ‘a better six pack’ than yours from every angle, all to make you feel that enough is never going to be enough. Ever. It is the glamour game that has you appear to have it all in an empty 'look at me, look at me' sort of way.

And, if that is not your bag, we have an endless selection of extreme and dangerous sports to unleash your pent-up emotions. Even as a spectator you can get this release. You can drink in the gallery and swear and yell abuse and carry on spewing bile all over the people around you – all in the name of recreation. Or you can be one of those parents that get so ‘gee'd up’ at their children’s sports event that they yell abuse at children and fight with other parents.

In this cult, competition and comparison are highly regarded, rewarded and medalled.

The competition becomes so intense that people will do themselves actual damage with severe forms of training including performance enhancing drug taking, in the bid to win at all costs. This winning at all costs promotes war on the sports field and against another in a bid to outdo and/or beat another fellow human-being; dehumanising the opposition is the norm.

This norm we also use when we attack another country whether the given reason is to ‘save the people’ or to stamp out ‘terrorism’. We end up firstly vilifying and then terrorising the country in the process while we really want to control their oil, their politics and their marketplace to expand our multinational businesses, never seeming to mind what the collateral damage may be. In the process villages, workplaces and homes, even whole cities are reduced to rubble, and families are decimated. Those who survive have no option but to flee the blood, the terror and the horror, leaving all they know behind only to be blocked and demonised by other countries not wanting to open their doors or their hearts... not wanting to share ‘their hard earned spoils’ gained at the expense of their brothers, for those, in the first world countries, usually benefit from the lowering of the cost of oil, cheaper clothing and the like, as they make human slaves out of the displaced and underprivileged.

In this cult, ‘hardness’ is considered gallant, as the unwritten law has you toughen up, man up, and soldier on despite how disgusted, overwhelmed, exhausted or ill you may feel.

Coolness, that suggests there is no warmth in you whatsoever, is a desirable state to exhibit, especially if you have masterfully added an air of superiority, a one-up-man-ship, an ‘I have got something you don’t have and can never have as I am untouchably cool’.

And if you cannot relate to any of the above you may have opted for ‘the holier than thou' or ‘the martyr’ sector of this cult, where judgement rules and everything is deemed ‘good or bad’, ‘right or wrong’, where you cannot be right for long before you are wrong again. Expectations and disappointments and attitudes like ‘after all I have done for you’ are rife. In this sector of the cult there is the endless bid to save your ‘poor fellow man’ whom you pity and drown in sympathy... where you wear suffering and helping the suffering like a badge of honour. Self care is not prized in this cult – it is seen as being vain, selfish and self-centred, needing to be constantly seen putting everyone and everything before yourself... and when you get struck down with cancer from wearing yourself down, you are expected to ‘fight it’ and come back to the sacrificing person we all knew you to be.

In short, the cult of individuality openly and proudly promotes all the above-mentioned as a normal way of being, for each way of being has its own individual label.

Universal Medicine is NOT part of this cult, even though it exists within it. This is the organisation that points the way back to true brotherhood, which means discarding all these labels that we have identified ourselves by, all our lives. It offers us another way of being that does not have to do with what we are seen to be doing.

Universal Medicine is just that, an offering of a medicine – presented as a way of living – that is available to everyone and offers us freedom from the ‘cult of individuality’. Through listening to our body as our authority, we relearn to self regard, self-love and therefore become self responsible, learning to observe rather than absorb, to understand rather than react, to read situations and support ourselves and others, to stay steady and express in the face of the force of this Cult of Individuality which has such a strong momentum that it blinds us to the truth that life need not be a struggle and an angst.

Life is a joy, a constant learning. It can be lived full of light and love and harmony without a single belief, drop of idealism or any kind of ‘ism’ for that matter. We are innately love and we are a brotherhood.

Let’s break the spell of the Cult of Individuality and claim ourselves back, as everything we have been looking for, striving for, is within, and far richer and more expansive than we could ever imagine.

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    Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing … (Kindle Edition) by John Yudkin, Robert Lustig

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