Standing by the truth of Universal Medicine: calling abuse & bias to account

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Standing by the truth of Universal Medicine: calling abuse & bias to account

"We have become a society that denies and hides from the absolute truth."

Serge Benhayon

Here we specifically address the ongoing cyber-campaign directed at Universal Medicine and its founder Serge Benhayon, the inspirations for this website. This vicious campaign also targets a great number of individuals, solely on account of their association with Universal Medicine. We witness, first hand, the harm that cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking causes to people.

And so it is time to openly expose the nature of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking – a fast growing global concern.

It is also time to expose the pervasive damage done by biased journalism, as can be clearly observed in the experience of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine at the hands of journalists, whose reporting lacks true, fair and open investigation, and who base their stories on a predetermined agenda.

A Cyber-bullying Campaign

Esther Rockett created three online hate sites designed to denigrate and damage Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and anyone associated. Lance Martin has supported her in this endeavour by providing a constant stream of abusive comments about Serge Benhayon, under his own name and various pseudonyms. False and unfounded accusations of every kind imaginable have been directed at Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine ranging from nepotism, tax fraud, abuse of the Medicare system, to paedophilia and sexual grooming. Rockett and Martin are accompanied by a handful of anonymous bullies and trolls who contribute comments that inflame and incite hatred.

Esther Rockett and Lance Martin have also been responsible for a series of false complaints to a large number of regulatory government bodies. Each and every one of these complaints has been dismissed as completely baseless. Considerable time and public resources have been spent in addressing these baseless, vexatious complaints, amounting to a blatant waste of public funds. This campaign relentlessly continues. Furthermore, certain elements of the media have taken the words of these cyber-bullies to write sensationalist articles that present their lies as fact.

Bias in the Media

It is common knowledge that the ‘sensationalist sell’ still dominates sectors of the media and that journalism is rife with biased and inaccurate reporting. What can a person or organisation do to address this? In the face of misrepresentation of the media, current means of redress do not undo the lasting harm to public perception and the lives and livelihoods of real people. Accurate representation in the media should be readily available to all.

In the case of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine the media has thus far chosen to overlook the truth in favour of headlining a series of misleading and damaging, sensationalist articles.

The true story of Universal Medicine, with its immense body of collected teachings and wisdom is one that all people now have the opportunity to hear and read through this website, Unimed Living. The success of Universal Medicine is attested to by the true joy and abundant health of those who live its simple and harmonious way - they are a living body of evidence.

Yet this extraordinary story is one that the cyber-bullies and complicit journalists have attempted to smear, if not completely bury.

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