There is building evidence that men around the world are in desperate need of more support and healthy role models that re-claim what it means to be a real man. The rising statistics for suicide alone are proof that men are not at ease in the societies we have created.

Unimed Living Sydney offers a monthly Men’s Group, free from judgement and competition and which is founded on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon and his business, Universal Medicine.

The space offered in these monthly meetings is an opportunity for men of all ages to come together and talk about real issues, without being a victim nor needing to be a warrior.

As Matt says: "I love attending the Men’s Group, I find it to be most supportive and that other men are going through the same sort of things in life that I am. To be able to share openly with the group and listen to the perspectives of others allows me to see things from a different angle. The Sydney Men’s Group is helping me to re-imprint what it means to be a man and offers Sydney men a different way to be.”

The Sydney Men's Group meets fortnightly in Mosman and Lilyfield, as per the dates and locations below:

Tuesday 22nd January 6pm Thursday 7th February 6.30pm
Tuesday 19th February 6pm Thursday 7th March 6.30pm
Tuesday 19th March 6pm Thursday 11th April 6.30pm
Tuesday 30th April 6pm Thursday 16th May 6.30pm
Tuesday 28th May 6pm Thursday 13th June 6.30pm
Tuesday 25th June 6pm

Email for more information and addresses here.

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