REVIEW: Jean Gamble’s Relationship workshop, Oslo, Norway

REVIEW: Jean Gamble’s Relationship workshop, Oslo, Norway

Jean delivered a ‘Harmonious Relationships Workshop’ that was about raising relationship awareness and challenging old belief systems.

She presented how, as a child, we soon learn that we need to be ‘more’ or ‘different’ to fit in; as a result we become a hybrid of many adopted behaviours that are not of our true self. So we spend time looking for the missing piece of the puzzle that is the true us … who we were born to be and not what we have morphed into as a result of undue influences. Where do we learn to be less than our true selves? Parents, school, media and society in general can all provide reflections that we are inadequate. What is a great relationship? Where there is harmony, decency, respect, purpose, joy, and playfulness.

What gets in the way of us all living amazing relationships?

Our old or recent hurts, the need to control, deals, arrangements, making relationships about power, money and sex, obligations, expectations etc., all get in the way. The hurts that we carry can form a layer of protection that keeps us stuck in defence and judgement and this affects our relationships in many different ways. Be it withdrawing, pursuing, intellectualising, calibrating ourselves, arrogance, supremacy, playing the victim, needing to be right, avoiding conflict, not letting people in (lonely), niceness, anger, humour, being busy, preoccupied, not good enough, etc – these games can play out in any type of relationship, be it with friends, work colleagues, partners or anyone we meet. Sometimes they play out in multiple ways.

Jean offered that we need to get curious about everything, as all we do is either healing or harmful. Every moment is a choice to evolve, or to be less than our full potential.

Jean presented for us to be open to our awareness and to see what actually is going on in our relationships; to learn to appreciate the relationship, ourselves and people generally and to ask for what we want – relationships are about give and take, learning, evolving and growing together.

This three-hour workshop was deeply inspiring, fun, educational and thought provoking. The engagement of the participants rose to the challenges offered by Jean’s presentation and her interactive way of working with the group. Everyone was deeply touched and all took away much to ponder and work on.

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