Universal Medicine delivers the wheels of true fortune – the Eternal Wheels

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Universal Medicine delivers the wheels of true fortune – the Eternal Wheels

Every year in May for the last six years, a wee town in England’s west country becomes a mecca for people from all walks of life and different corners of the world that make up a genuine united nations congregation, all joined in their bona fide thirst for exploring and developing a greater connection with everything around them, in all matters human and ultimately their relationship with Universal Knowledge.

They come together to attend the third and final annual Universal Medicine retreat that follows on from Retreat One in Vietnam and Retreat Two in Australia. Although held in a quiet and restful English setting by virtue of what the retreat presents, there for sure is no space for retreating. Au contraire. Much embracing and expansion occur before one’s own eyes.

This year’s Universal Medicine retreat presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon was one smooth and solid tricycle ride. You’ll see why . . .

It all started with a simple enquiry into why we (human beings) are living in a way that is not in accord with the Universe – an ever-expanding harmonious interdependence of planets, stars and cycles and here we are on planet earth continuing to live in our separate borders and mindsets/beliefs.

We to the Universe must be what an un-tuned violin is in the hands of a novice (think nails down a chalkboard). And yet, unlike us, the Universe not only shows no agitation but offers an unlimited amount of patience.

Instead, it continues to support us, with its many and only to us, miraculous ways, to understand what tune we should be dancing to, where we are in any given time and to liberate ourselves from the shackles of everything we have created that is definitely not in our divine design.

The participants were all gifted with the simplest yet probably the most efficient of ancient tools known as The Eternal Wheels: The Wheel of Repose, The Wheel of Motion and The Eternal Wheel (hence the tricycle mentioned earlier on).

These eternal five-spoke alloy wheels are the equivalent of a modern compass, assisting us in deepening our understanding of where we truly are in life at any given moment, where it is that we need to be moving to and most importantly how, as well as helping us identify our relationship with evolution on our pathway to return. Whilst spinning the wheels (reads workshopping) throughout the five days, students’ experiences of the power of the wheels have been nothing short of amazing.

Take purpose, for example, life’s essential ‘mover & shaker’ that is on one of the five-spoke alloys, which busted the long-held myth (still firm amongst many) that we are heading somewhere on a linear path drawn by the same hand that claimed the Earth was flat. Prepare yourself for a surprise (if not a mild shock) that –– when we are with purpose we are actually not going anywhere. When we develop our relationship with purpose we are given the next part to develop and all we do is manifest it physically. There is a clear distinction between what happens after something has occurred from purpose to what happens after something has occurred from motivation and drive. The two are like chalk and cheese (yes, the smelly kind).

And in case you are one of many who have ever wondered what’s the purpose of purpose, despair not, for the answer is super simple and it gets given by virtue of connecting with purpose in the first place: The purpose of purpose is to make us understand that we are much more than what we live and that we can pull everything from the Universe at any given moment. (Serge Benhayon May 2018)

All in all, with Universal Medicine you get a taste that when we are in true purpose nothing we do ends. There is no retreating and pulling away from life and all that it brings. And although this year’s retreat eventually came to a close on the fifth day, it never really ended, for the ripple effects of the power of what has been delivered and what’s waiting is far and wide unfathomable to our little human minds.

Given what they give, it could easily be said that Serge and Natalie are way ahead of time – but given that there is no such thing as time, one realises that these two amazing human beings are communicating not words, but rather vibration, giving All to all of us exactly how it is and in no time.

And for any of the participants who might have felt any tension at the end of the five most amazing days, there was a beautiful gentle reminder that tension is not our enemy, but rather it is our constant radar that something’s not right, kind of out of sorts, which is why it is important we learn to make friends with tension. It might just prove to us to be the best thing we could possibly have in our life.

If things can only get greater with Universal Medicine, which they consistently have been, it can safely be predicted that next year’s retreat is coming with an even bigger BANG. Serge and Natalie are ready. Are we?

Find out more about Universal Medicine UK and the 2019 Universal Medicine UK Retreat.

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