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We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent species on the planet, in the universe even. We can fly to other planets, come up with magnificent machinery, see the stars, calculate quantum physics, and rule the animal kingdom… or so we think.

In 2009 Serge Benhayon published the book “The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy”[1], a book full of revelations and truths that come from the living body of a man who honours and listens to the constant communication of his human body.

On page 7, the following sutra is revealed:

“Humans fill themselves with food and drink that the body clearly shows is not right or true yet they continue to ignore the obvious signs even though they are the most intelligent species on Earth (this point is made strictly to show how as human beings we are in conscious disregard and thus consciously choose it so as opposed to a dog whose choice is to rid itself of a harm)”.

We live our lives in conscious disregard to that which is constantly being communicated from the body, from our Soul. This disregard leads to the great levels of obesity, diabetes, eating disorders and all other nutrition related illness and dis-ease.


  • [1]

    Benhayon, S., (2009) The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, Australia p.7

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