Our body’s intolerance to alcohol and other toxins

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Our body’s intolerance to alcohol and other toxins

Another gem of an extract from Book 5 by Serge Benhayon – Self Care starts with Nutrition and herein lays a key to many of Mankind’s problems.

Look into the eyes and consider the bloating of so many bodies. Self-Care is much more than simply nutrition, however, nutrition plays a major role in many of the problems afflicting humanity today.

Zero alcohol tolerance is but merely a good start –
Zero production is the key.

Alcohol is devastatingly more destructive on many more levels than any mind will ever know.

In a very energetically coerced form of resistance to exposing the waywardness, the real and true damage of alcohol is far more than any intellect will ever want to admit. On the other hand, clairsentiently, this is very easy to prove.

And with that clairsentience, that is, in our ability to feel and discern energy, we will also discover the real and extensive astral damage we do to our spirit in using drugs and, the real damage we do to our spiritual-body when we smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and/or other caffeinated drinks or food. We can add to this list all dairy products, all forms of gluten bar none and all forms of sugar (include fruit here if there is an excessive consumption of it), all being ways of lessening your light greatly in your body. Don't believe the latter about food and drinks? Look at the so many bloated bodies everywhere – bloating is the body's reaction to the ill energy your body cannot cope with. Don't believe what alcohol and drugs truly and actually do? Look deeply into the eyes of anyone who has partaken in such an escapist act.

If you truly care about anyone,
defend not that which is keeping them
from being who they truly are.
And, should that same care
turn its attention toward self,
defend not that which keeps you
from being all of that which you truly are.

Serge Benhayon. The Living Sutras of The Hierarchy, ed 1, p 485

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