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Fiona Pierce

BSc Hons Herbal Medicine

Fiona is trained in Western Herbal Medicine and uses the knowledge garnered from this alongside her intuitive wisdom to employ herbs for healing and supporting wellbeing on every level. In addition she also practises Connective Tissue Therapy, Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Healing & Massage and has been training with Universal Medicine for the past 10 years.

  • Services: Herbal Medicine Consultations (including Diet and Nutrition advice), Connective Tissue Therapy, Esoteric Healing, Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Massage.

  • Accreditation: Level 2 Esoteric Healing, Level 2 Connective Tissue Therapy, Level 3 Chakra-puncture, Level 3 Esoteric Massage

Through training with Universal Medicine Fiona has developed her intuition and understanding of how to simply and practically support people to reconnect with and build a greater harmony in their body and life.

All aspects of health are taken into account; physical and mental/ emotional to truly assist holistic healing in conjunction with conventional medicine.

How to Book
To book or enquire further kindly contact Fiona using the details below
Phone: +41 (0)7876 140 770
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Clinic: Tytherington, Frome, Somerset