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Comprehensive vision examinations are offered for children and adults.

Children's examinations are tailored to their needs and can include assessments of Vision Information Processing and/or Neuro-development. Treatment and/or Prevention Programs are offered and these may include the provision of spectacles, contact lenses, Vision Therapy Programs, Neuro-development Programs, dry-eye treatment or referral to another professional. Our main focus is people - both those who choose our services and those who work with us and offer support. We offer a high standard of eye care that comes with love in service.

Carmin is a therapeutically qualified Behavioural Optometrist who offers comprehensive vision examinations, visual perception / processing assessments, vision therapy, neuro-developmental assessments and basic dry eye treatment.


  • Family Eye Care: Children's and Adult's Vision Examinations
  • Behavioural Optometric Care
  • Vision Therapy


  • EPA Member

How We Work:

Light Optometry & Vision Therapy is based in Brookfield (Brisbane). We also consult one day a week in Ipswich. Consultations are not rushed, but an opportunity to connect, and to discuss findings and possible treatment or prevention options. We offer a high standard of eye care with love.

Please call, email or message us through our LOVT website or Facebook page.

Phone: +61 (0)497 671 622
Email: Carmin Hall
Address:Light Optometry & Vision Therapy, 6 Olsen Ct, Brookfield, Qld, 4069