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Essential Oils and You

Laura Hoy

Essential Oils & You shares how to use essential oils to support, nurture and cherish yourself in every day life, including bespoke blends, private consultations, workshops and supply of essential oils.

Essential oils are very powerful in their actions; they are a great tool for supporting many chronic and acute health conditions as well as being very useful in beauty products and for relaxation. However, the most important part for me is the way ‘you’ use them and the intention behind that use. Sharing how you can bring the oils into daily rhythms and rituals, how they can support a connection with your body and how they can inspire you to care and nurture yourself more deeply is what I love about using them.


I offer a bespoke blending service using the finest quality essential oils blended into various products (such as bath oils and skin creams) to support health and wellbeing as well as nurturing skincare items and personally designed fragrances.

These unique products, designed specifically for you, can help with a range of conditions including scars, nausea, anxiety, stress & sleeplessness.

I run a range of practical workshops on natural perfumery and making your own skin care products. You can purchase essential oils & accessories from my website:


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To Book Our Services
Contact me by email or telephone to arrange consultations, request bespoke blends and to run workshops. See website for essential oil supply.
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