Celebrating International Day of Older Persons – What is there to celebrate about getting older?

Celebrating International Day of Older Persons – What is there to celebrate about getting older?

You could be forgiven for asking, “What is there to celebrate about getting older?” as the reality for most people is that it is not a stage of life they look forward to.

Nevertheless, a group of elders in their sixties and seventies celebrates the UN gazetted International Day of Older Persons in Ballina NSW on 1st October.

They challenge the stereotypical view of ageing by posing the question, “Is there another way to age?”

We live in a society that cultivates and values youth over age and are bombarded with images that celebrate the young body and the youthful face. We are offered an abundance of anti-ageing products, Botox and fillers to fight off the signs of age and make us look and ‘feel’ younger, and are exhorted to go to the gym to keep our bodies fit and taut.

All this to keep up the appearance of youth on the outside, but are we ever offered anything for our inner self?

Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness have shown there is another way. They have shown that changes to diet and sleep rhythms can support our bodies to better health. Gentle exercise and walking can support our bodies to be flexible and strong. Healing sessions are offered to dissolve any hurts, issues and long-held patterns of behaviour. The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is offered as a way to re-connect to the stillness within.

These simple practices are offered as a way to rekindle one’s inner vitality and re-connect to the truth of who we are in our essence.

Most elders recognise that in the later years they have moved into another stage of life, but life is not over and most do not want to withdraw from it either. While many look forward to a ‘well-earned rest’ in retirement and may recognise the need to slow down a little, many more are looking for purpose and fulfilment in their later years, recognising they still have much to offer. They enjoy what life has to offer and offer what they can bring to life and those around them.

Although a person’s body may be showing the signs of age, their inner vitality can shine through their eyes and they can live with purpose and joy. They can know that they still have much to offer and are living to the fullness that they can each day.

As elders we can understand that as we pass over, so shall we return, therefore we can actually live with the awareness that we can be evolving until our last breath. For all these reasons perhaps it is possible to celebrate getting older! It is a sacred and precious stage of life to be honoured and embraced.

For more about ageing joyfully visit Joy of Ageing.

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  • By Judy Felix, BA DipEd GradDipCouns DipC-P

    Judy Felix at the age of 72 works as a counsellor, healing therapist and educator with more commitment, joy, vitality, love and appreciation for what she can bring than at any other time in her life.

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