Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom – The Lineage never dies

Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom – The Lineage never dies

Buddha, Mohammed, John the Baptist and Jesus (Yeshua), were all teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, who lived the truth of what they knew.

During the time of their lives there were people who understood and lived the teachings as they were presented, and there were those that did not live or truly embody the understandings of the teachings, and thus used them as knowledge in reduced and bastardised forms to found religions using what ever suited them to control the population.

Without the Muslims, we would not have access to the rich tradition of the Ageless Wisdom that we have today. Historically, much of what we have now in the West is because Muslims kept the lineage of Alexandria alive.

Listen to Professor Bill Foley present on the truth of the Ageless Wisdom. As he says:
“The Ageless Wisdom never dies. It cannot die, because it is us; we are it. It is not a body of dogma, a set of beliefs, a cosmology - it is a livingness. It is who you are, how you speak, how you walk, how you breathe. That, you can’t refute.”

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