The Ageless Wisdom in the Islamic tradition

The Ageless Wisdom in the Islamic tradition

The tradition of the Ancient Wisdom is very much alive in the Middle East, where they are much more open to other teachers and religions than we are in the Christian West.

Hermes was held equal to Mohamed in early Islam. He was regarded as a teacher to be respected and understood, as were Plotinus and Plato as well as Jesus and John the Baptist.

Hermes and other teachers of the Ageless Wisdom were translated into Arabic and Persian and studied. The Arabic translations were then translated back into Greek, where the originals had been lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria. From there they were brought to Europe and translated into Latin, heralding the birth of the Renaissance in Europe.

Much of what was ‘discovered’ during the Renaissance was already well known in the Middle East. The Islamic Empire already knew for example that the earth travelled around the sun, from 100 BC, which was why the Arabs were great navigators at that time. Watch this talk by Professor Bill Foley, which may just change your view of the world!

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