The Ageless Wisdom – Our Grand Narrative

The Ageless Wisdom – Our Grand Narrative

History as it is taught in schools and universities deliberately fragments and leaves out key parts of our true story.

True history is the story of humanity’s evolution, the great sweep of history through which we can discern humanity’s gradual unfoldment as we return to our original state of union with the Divine Plan on earth, carried forward by an unbroken lineage of men and women, many of whose names are recalled by history but many of whose names are not, but all of whom were known by the quality of their living way, stretching back older than the founding of the world religions and whose contribution to a body of ageless wisdom and humanity’s awareness changed forever what had come before them.

True history is an inspiring and empowering reminder of where we have come from and to where we are returning. Watch Professor William Foley in an introduction to the Lineage that is the Ageless Wisdom, and the grand narrative that is our true history.

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