The golden thread in our philosophical and religious history

The golden thread in our philosophical and religious history

There is a thread of truth throughout human history – the teachings delivered by those men and women who came to know, through their dedication to a Living Way and connection to their bodies, their own divine nature.

Consequently they knew the divinity within us all, and how, through The Way of The Livingness, every woman and man could come to know their own equal, divine quality. We are Sons of God who have strayed far from this innate beauty, love and truth. The great teachers, who have presented this fact to us throughout the eons of our history on earth, form a lineage. The teachings they shared with their students constitute the living body of work known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Deliberately misinterpreted, re-interpreted, hidden or destroyed by those with a vested interest in humanity remaining ignorant to the truth of who and what they truly are, the time has come for this body of work to be presented to us all again in a way that is relevant to the current Era.

Professor of Linguistics, William Foley – lovingly known as “Bill” – has made these ancient teachings accessible to us again through the application of his extraordinary skill as a linguist, and his absolute commitment and dedication to truth being made available for all humanity. Video clips of his presentations and written works can be found on the UniMed Living website. His accessible and profoundly healing courses on The Lineage are available through the College of Universe Medicine.

In this interview, Bill provides insight into The Lineage project and why it is so crucial in us reclaiming the truth about ourselves – the truth we have been denied ready access to for far too long.

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Interview with William Foley

Interview with Rachel Mascord

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  • By William Foley, University Professor: BA, Brown University MA, PhD University of California, Berkeley Fellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities

    I am a Professor of Linguistics. I am interested in how peoples of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds communicate and how we can increase understanding and brotherhood across these differences.

  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist, writer and observer of life

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