Why, from the time of Hermes until the current era and its great teacher, Serge Benhayon, have people attacked the teachings that deliver the simple truth of who we are in our essence?

In this powerful conversation, Professor William Foley and Rachel Mascord explore the long history and nature of vilification of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Whether this occurred in the form of ridicule and contempt, or the incomprehensible extremes of violence that tore apart the Cathar movement from the 1000’s to 1200’s, the Ageless Wisdom has always aroused antipathy in the people who resist the simple innateness of its Living Way. The reasons why are as relevant and important today as they were in the past.

It also raises the uncomfortable subject of the student who stands at the threshold – the one who basks in the beauty of the teachings but does not commit to the Livingness of them, in full.

Bill also offers a powerful exposition on the word sacrifice, and the crucial part it plays in our evolution as individuals and as a species.

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Vilification and the Ageless Wisdom

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  • By William Foley, University Professor: BA, Brown University MA, PhD University of California, Berkeley Fellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities

    I am a Professor of Linguistics. I am interested in how peoples of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds communicate and how we can increase understanding and brotherhood across these differences.

  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist, writer and observer of life

  • Photography: Matt Paul