Is Serge Benhayon the ‘new messiah’?

Is Serge Benhayon the ‘new messiah’?

There was an article recently published in a local newspaper that quoted students of The Way of The Livingness as referring to Serge Benhayon as being the ‘new messiah’.

It was an interesting choice of words on the journalist's behalf, deliberate one could say, to paint a certain picture to the public both about Serge Benhayon and those who are inspired by his work.

What stood out for me, as a student of The Way of The Livingness and a man who is deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon, is that I have never called Serge Benhayon or ever thought of calling Serge Benhayon the ‘new messiah’ not once, in fact, I would go as far to say that doing so in my books would be quite strange. Serge himself works overtime to make sure that everyone knows that he is no more special than anyone else and that what he knows and has access to we all know and have equal access to, we just haven’t made the choices to be aware of it, something which more and more students who are living the teachings of The Way of The Livingness are now proving to be true. So if someone ever called Serge Benhayon the ‘new messiah,’ they would have exposed the fact that they are, in fact, not students of The Way of The Livingness.

I decided to do a little research into what the word 'messiah' actually meant just to make sure my understanding was correct. I personally had only ever associated the word with highly dogmatic religions, large or small, or with people who had a significant and diagnosable mental health condition claiming to be God, usually after ceasing to take their medication or having an acute episode (something I am quite used to witnessing in my many years of work as a social worker). It’s safe to say, in my professional opinion, that The Way of The Livingness and Serge Benhayon don’t fit into either of these categories, but to completely check my understanding, I decided to return to the origins of the word.

According to my brief online research, the word messiah comes from circa 1300 and can be derived from Latin, Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic roots all generally being defined as meaning ‘to anoint’ or ‘the anointed’, with reference to someone being anointed by God or a Lord. It wasn’t until roughly circa 1600’s that the term was translated from the Old Testament to refer to ‘an expected liberator or saviour of a captive people’[*].

What’s interesting about this, and what exposes those who use this term in reference to Serge Benhayon, is that if someone was actually a student of The Way of The Livingness then they would know that a fundamental teaching of The Way of The Livingness is that no ‘one’ is in fact ‘anointed’ and therefore no person can be ‘the anointed one’.

The Way of The Livingness, as taught by Serge Benhayon, founded on the principles of the Ageless Wisdom, clearly stipulates that by birthright all people are equal and equally loved Sons of God who all have an important part to play in this world.

So no one person is ‘chosen’ or is more special or better than any other. The whole purpose of The Way of The Livingness is to show practical ways that anyone can start to live, work and breathe in equal harmony without all of the social and political hierarchies, which current societies use to separate and dominate each other. To refer to Serge as the ‘new messiah’ in this context, would directly challenge this point.

Another teaching of The Way of The Livingness which Serge Benhayon has again shared repeatedly since 1999 is that no one can save us or liberate us, that this is in fact impossible, for we can only ever do that for ourselves.

Sure we can get support, but ultimately we are all making choices and we are 100% responsible for those choices, all the time, no matter what. So if one were to label Serge Benhayon as being a man who is sent to save or liberate us, they would be being highly irresponsible, in that, they wouldn’t be taking responsibility for the outcomes of their own choices, again missing quite a significant point in The Way of The Livingness.

The only way that I can see that Serge Benhayon could be correctly classified as being a ‘new messiah’ is in that he has chosen to be his own ‘messiah’ i.e. he has chosen to take responsibility of his own life and has dedicated it to building it so that everything he does is about responsibility. But the thing is, if this definition and application is accurate, then anyone who has taken the steps to take responsibility for their life is also a ‘messiah’ in that they too have chosen to be their own ‘messiah’ by choosing to take responsibility for 'saving' or 'liberating' themselves from their own irresponsibility.

What is beautiful about Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness is that he and it offer people a very practical and real way to bring back self-empowerment and choice into one's life, placing them at the helm of their own decisions, supporting them to deeply love themselves so that they’re able to take responsibility. It’s not always an easy ride being one’s own ‘messiah’, for it can be confronting when there’s no one you can point fingers at or blame for what’s happening in your life. But in the long run, it's far more empowering and beneficial when we stop and do take responsibility. Only then can we come to know the power of our choices and the impact they have on our life; learning how it is that they can guarantee the quality of our future by choosing the quality of our movements now ¬– the sense of self-empowerment and self-confidence that comes from this is deeply profound. This is the beauty of responsibility.

So is Serge Benhayon the ‘new messiah’? With this definition, yes, absolutely, in that he is his own messiah, taking responsibility for his own life, but if we're working with this definition, I'm a ‘new messiah’ too and guess what? So are you, if of course you’ve made the choices to take care of and be responsible for yourself too.

So will you choose to be your own ‘messiah’ and claim your ability to make change for yourself or will you waste another week, month or year waiting for someone else to do it for you?

No one can save us but ourselves and the choice to do this is always in our hands. Such is the beauty of the teachings of The Way of The Livingness, as taught this time round, by Serge Benhayon.


  • [*],. "Online Etymology Dictionary". N.p., 2016. Web. 3 Jan. 2016

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