Are we the product of random genetic mutation and adaptive survival, as defined by the theory of evolution? Or were we made by God’s hand, in his image?

In this powerful conversation, Professor William (Bill) Foley explores both the theory of evolution and the notion of creationism. These fundamental beliefs about our origins stand in stark opposition, each one stridently defended as though they are the only explanations available to us. The people who hold either one do so with intolerance, and in some cases utter contempt, for anyone who thinks otherwise.

Yet each of these beliefs, be they scientific/rationalist or spiritual/religious, have left us far short of knowing how to live in simple accord with the planet that is our home, and each other.

Bill exposes, in detail, the true origins of humankind, and the fact that we are the product of an unruly spirit, acting in utter disregard of Universal order.

We are invited to consider the nature of evolution at a far deeper level, and its inextricable relationship with responsibility, love and our inevitable restoration back to who and what we truly are.

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Interview with Rachel Mascord

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  • By William Foley, University Professor: BA, Brown University MA, PhD University of California, Berkeley Fellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities

    I am a Professor of Linguistics. I am interested in how peoples of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds communicate and how we can increase understanding and brotherhood across these differences.

  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist, writer and observer of life

  • Photography: Steve Matson, Electrical Engineer, Chef, Photographer, Forklift operator and student of life.

    I am someone that looks at something that is complicated and sees the simplicity behind it. Life needs to be fun and lived. Making mistakes is an important part of this process.