Lies about time and the illusion of progress

Lies about time and the illusion of progress

In this conversation, Professor William (Bill) Foley discusses the wide gap between the dates that have been ascribed to the teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, and the actual times in which they lived and shared their profound understanding of life and the path of return with their students.

Using one of the great teachers of the Lineage, Zarathustra, as an example of this phenomenon, Bill uses his extraordinary skill as a professor of linguistics to explain how such inaccuracies come about. He describes, in detail, why these inaccuracies are so important for us to understand, and the harming impact they have had on us all.

The harm cannot ever touch the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom themselves, for they unshakeably represent the quality of the true Living Way that has been with us since the dawning of human time. The greatest harm these distortions have caused is to feed the illusion that humanity is on a path of progress, heading inexorably towards a grander future, as the great wisdom of the past is denied.

It is a fact that any attempt to corrupt, distort and otherwise conceal the constancy and the ancientness of the Livingness detracts from the simple fact that for as long as we have walked on this earth, there has been on offer to us all, equally so, the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, and hence the possibility for us to restore ourselves to the Living Way of the Son of God – the light of the Soul lived on earth.

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Ancient wisdom and time with Bill Foley

Interview with Rachel Mascord

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  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist, writer and observer of life

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