The Way of The Livingness before and after: Tony Steenson

My name is Tony Steenson. I am a thirty seven year old bricklayer who is happily married and has two teenage children.

Life is great, my relationships are getting stronger all the time, I love going to work and it really is a pleasure to be alive.

This wasn’t always the case though.

For many years I relied on drugs to get me through the day and to keep me going. What started out as a teenager wanting to rebel, not just against my parents but the world, turned into a man who basically gave up on life. It may have appeared that I was doing alright because I was never without work and always had a home to go to etc.

The reality was I was struggling with the pressures of life, but would not dare admit this to anyone as I was a man and I could handle it.

So my twenties were mainly spent in one long cycle of partying three, four & sometimes more days a week. I was working nearly every day as my party life wasn’t cheap. This lifestyle was very draining on a physical and emotional level. I reached thirty and felt old, exhausted and basically worn out.

There needed to be a change in my life.

Universal Medicine was introduced to me around this time and what was being presented to me made sense. The Way of The Livingness is common sense, treat your body with love and respect and when you don’t do that ask yourself why. There is a lot more being presented but if you deeply care for yourself, miracles can happen as what has happened to me.


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  • By Tony Steenson, Brick/Blocklayer

    Happily married and with two adult children,Tony is a deeply caring and passionate man who loves the simple things in life such as sharing a meal or helping out friends and family.