Willingness to change brings evolution by being re-wired, re-built and re-connected.

I am like the Six Million Dollar Man in the famous 1970’s TV series; I have been rebuilt, rewired and reconnected.

I may not have the technology, but I have the technique. I may not be faster, but I am stronger and tenderer. Rather than being better, I have discovered I was already amazing… just a diamond in the rough who forgot her sparkle and got it back again.

At first glance the immense inroads to self-change may not be visible on my exterior. I am not one of those people with huge weight changes, but more subtle physical transformations have taken place nevertheless. I can describe this from the way my shoulders now open when once they were rounded, to standing taller, walking more sure-footedly, my eyes holding another’s gaze and a shinier brightness emanating from them.

I can state that my life has done a complete U-turn from being exhausted, stressed and living off chocolate, crisps and anything with a sniff of sugar, to one of greater vibrancy, vitality and sense of self-worth.

I lived in complete overwhelm and found my full-time job of teaching simply too much.

As a result, I:

  • had low self-esteem.
  • would get severe colds.
  • had asthma attacks.
  • lived completely run down.
  • felt weak and didn’t connect to the purpose of life.
  • found relief by slumping in front of the TV.

And in the morning, as I left my room to start the day, I would feel a deep longing to be back in my bed again. I eagerly anticipated the weekends to catch a breather and would look forward to the holidays as an opportunity to live my life and to escape the daily grind. I resented any work that I perceived I could not manage and in order to cope I decided to quit full-time teaching and worked part-time instead.

If we could measure commitment to life and to work by a barometer, my levels would have definitely dropped steadily to tepid and hovering just above the blue.

Despite all this there was a large part of me that loved being with the school children, my colleagues and family, and the time I spent connecting with them. I had my inner-spark still, but it was smothered by the stresses of life.

Then I discovered Universal Medicine and everything changed.

I began to feel more deeply about my choices and why I made them, and was inspired to make changes to how I lived. The results have been profound, even if the road taken has been bumpy and not without its dilemmas. I was committed to change because I could now see there was another way of living that was worth the effort.

  • I focused on the quality of my breathing
  • I observed my movements and took care to become more gentle and tender
  • I changed the way I ate
  • I changed what time I went to bed
  • I changed how I spoke with others
  • I stopped numbing myself with TV
  • I looked deeper at my emotional issues and began to deal with them

Because of these choices, my response to work has changed, phenomenally so, and with it so has my commitment to life. I am back to teaching full-time with an open willingness to take on greater responsibility. My barometer levels are now in the red and rising.

I feel strong. I know who I am and what my purpose in life is.

The key that unlocked the door for me was the gentle breath meditation Once I had a real and tangible marker in my body of what a lived stillness felt like, there was no going back. Everything from what time I go to bed, to what I eat and drink and how I move my body is a choice which supports this feeling of stillness, or not. It has become my “everything”. This is my foundation. If I don’t feel the stillness in my body, then I am not expressing from the true me. From this point it has become much easier to observe life rather than get caught and tangled in its emotional web. Choices are now easier to make because the truth is now more clearly seen.

Although it took six million dollars to build the bionic man, who was given incredible superhuman strength and power, my changes are worth more than double that, priceless in fact, but came free.

Unlike the Six Million Dollar Man my powers were not handed to me. Universal Medicine didn’t give me anything I didn’t choose myself, but it was the catalyst that made me see change was possible.

I have rebuilt, rewired and reconnected myself, for I discovered that my powers lie within and are free to access at any time I choose.

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  • By Rachel Murtagh, B.Ed (Hons)

    I have made a huge sea change from being anxious, insecure and lacking in confidence to living the exact opposite. I now live with purpose and commitment to life with security of knowing who I am. A few years ago I would never have believed such transformation was possible.