A powerful message about being beautiful for who we are and not what we do.

When I first read this book to my son, who is now five years old, he instantly loved it, answering all the questions I was asking while reading the book. “Is it the way we pack away our toys that makes us beautiful?” “Nooooo” he would say! It was such a joy to read with him and he loved the colorful pictures. We read it every night for about a week.

It is such a simple book, but has a huge impact and a powerful message not only for children, but also stops adults in their tracks.

I am a childcare worker and took this book in to read to the pre-schoolers where I work. As I started reading, some of them were a bit confused, as I could sense that they had been told things like, “I love your dress, you are beautiful” or “I love you for packing your toys away”. When we make comments like this to children, it leaves an imprint that is saying, “we love you, or you are beautiful, for what you look like or what you do”. And I’ve noticed that a lot of children’s books out there are giving similar messages. This book is unique in that it actually allows the children to feel the truth that they deep down already know – that we are ALL beautiful just for being ourselves.

As I got into the book, the pre-schoolers I could see started to connect to this and started nodding, as if to say, “yeah, that’s right, I am beautiful just the way I am”.

My son and I are very much looking forward to the next book in this series!

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  • By Nicole Ricketts

    I love working with children and supporting families to strengthen their connections with their own children. I love nature, camping and being with my friends and family.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd