'I am beauty-full just for being me' – a collation of testimonials

Sunlight Ink Publishing – 'I'm Beauty-full just for being me' – Book Testimonials

'I am beauty-full just for being me' – a collation of testimonials

A collection of testimonials:

by Vanessa Mc Hardy, Teacher, U.K.

Responses from students 10-11 years old:

“When I read it I felt like something changed, I don’t really think that much of myself and the book told me to realise I am beautiful for who I am, I know that I don’t have to listen to people who say I am less, don’t need to try or change myself.”

“It’s a children’s book but the messages in it help you.”

“Thank you for giving me the book, I will read it all the time, I congratulate the writers, I think they should get an award.”

by Sarah Davis, mother of kids aged 3, 6, 10, Australia

This book is a welcomed treasure in our family as it supports what we naturally want for our kids, which is for them to love and accept themselves for who they are. With so many other competing messages in our society around how they 'should be', the message of this book is much needed.

by Carolien Braakenburg, Practitioner, Belgium

Our children are growing up in a world bombarded with impositions and unspoken rules and regulations of how they should or should not be. In this tsunami of information this book offers a sanctuary for children as it offers them the very needed reflection that all they have to be is simply themselves. It offers a true foundation of self love and acceptance that will support our children to grow up not losing the inner beauty that they are born with. I love this book and its pure message.

by Kathie Johnson, U.K.

I bought a copy of the I am beauty-full for just being me story book and the crayoning book to say thank you to my neighbour for looking after my garden.

Just days later she came to tell me how popular it was, not only do the children love it, she really enjoys reading it to them and doesn't mind how many times they ask for it to be repeated (unlike some of their other books!).

She asked if there were any others in the series.

So yes please, can we have some more, for when I go on my next UniMed event and need someone to look after the garden!!!

by Suzanne Anderssen, Australia

"I Am Beauty-full just for Being Me" is the first book I have read to my daughter that clearly teaches we are already beautiful, in fact born that way no matter what. My favourite line is, "It is the way I love me that makes me shine" because the idea that we can actually love ourselves and be proud of that is celebrated here.

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