I am beauty-full just for being me – a message from the author

I Am Beauty-Full Just For Being Me - A Message from Tanya Curtis

I am beauty-full just for being me – a message from the author

Late one night I received a phone call from a very close friend, sharing that they had just welcomed their beauty-full daughter into the world. I was an adopted Aunty again!

After the phone call ended I became aware of all the messages I would like to share with this new baby girl as she was about to embark into the world. I became aware of all the false ideals and beliefs that women and people in general subscribe to that have them growing up with anxiety as they attempt to live up to the expectations that the world imposes upon them ... expectations that do not support anyone to be their potential, rather, they have us all in a constant search for the impossible.

The false ideals of ‘Beauty’ set people up for a life-long search for something that is outside of them. Young girls and boys grow into teenagers and adults subscribing to the ideal that beauty comes from:

  • The way we look
  • The clothes we wear
  • Our hairstyle
  • The face cream we use
  • Or even what we do and how well we play our ‘roles’ in life

This sets us up to experience failure, rejection, low self-worth and even self-loathing – thus the lifetime issues impacting on our psychological wellbeing, mental health and overall esteem.

Initially this book was written as a letter to my newborn niece (albeit adopted niece), but upon reading the first draft I realised that this was really a letter for all children (0 to 100+) of the world! And thus, this message was made available to all.

The intent was to share with people that our beauty has nothing to do with what happens outside our body; that our beauty is there at our birth and remains with us for eternity. Our beauty comes from inside and can never be from the outside as we are all born already BEAUTY-FULL ... that is, we are born full of beauty and it is our choice whether we live or hide this beauty every day.

This book is designed to offer young people the option to live in a way that does not subscribe to the false ideals and beliefs that have us searching for beauty outside of ourselves.

We all have the opportunity to claim and live this message in full and know that our beauty has always been there, since the day of our birth.

Look into any person’s heart and you will see their beauty, as it is there for you and us all ... we all are already BEAUTY-FULL!

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  • By Tanya Curtis, Author, Behavioural Specialist, Assoc Dip Ed. (Child Care), BHlthSci. (BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

    Tanya is dedicated to supporting people to understand and change their unwanted behaviours and live their full potential. Tanya’s deep care and love of people shines through all of the initiative she dedicates herself to.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd