The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically – is there something special here?

The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically – is there something special here?

The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically – is there something special here?

I was waiting in the reception area this morning as I was a little early for my appointment for the hydrotherapy pool at the local physiotherapy centre. There were already a handful of people present; one who was grimacing in pain while standing with the support of crutches, another was tapping the counter impatiently, while a couple of young children – one with a cast on their arm – were playing with the toys provided at the end of the room.

The lady seated next to the long narrow glass and wooden edge table was reading quietly as she was waiting to be called. I noticed she had gently picked up the hard cover copy of the book that I had offered the centre soon after publication some months prior that now is the single thing that continuously graces this table. This very beautiful volume, ‘The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically’, is filled with amazing written expressions from men and women of varying experiences encompassing several age decades.

A little later, after all of these folk had dispersed in various directions within the centre, the proprietor approached me and shared that there had not been a week that had passed since this book was first placed on the table that someone had not sat there reading an article or two while waiting for their appointment. She had pondered on their continued and apparent interest.

What could it be about this addition to the reception area? Why is this? What is it about the reflection of this book that draws different folk to actually pick up this volume and turn the pages? Could it be the energy from the shared words within, the energy of the possibility of seeing and feeling the relationship between the many contributors of their experiences and the readers’ own awareness developing and unfolding?

Was it worth considering that these written words provide the possible platform for another who was currently feeling the separation from the natural joy and harmony of a body in pain? If so, what was the relationship? Did some feel the connection energetically between all of us while reading this book?

Could some readers be recognising the release of an expression from earlier disregard for their own body by ignoring its messages? What if these past chosen behaviours had led to the progression of their osteoarthritic conditions for example but now, with developing awareness and inspired by this book, they were coming to an acceptance and surrendering to a newly felt sense of equanimity and settlement?

The business owner, a physiotherapist herself, said sincerely that each person who had picked up the book had commented to her that it was a lovely book and indeed a valuable addition to the reception area. She also offered that it was like a breath of fresh air to have such a volume where people are ‘waiting’ – compared to the many and varied magazines often found in such areas.

She continued by calling it “a book of true value; energetic enlightenment bringing the possible view of a different understanding”.

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  • By Roberta Himing

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