A piece of gold – divine and life changing

Every teaching and revelation in this book is a piece of gold

A piece of gold – divine and life changing

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations reminds me of a piece of gold; this gold is something that I treasure in a way that I would a newborn baby.

Every word in this book is deeply felt when I read it and every Teaching & Revelation is a di-vine, life-changing experience.

This is one of my favourite books of all and there are no words to describe the richness I experience when I open it.

This book serves everyone from all walks of life. For me, it continues to assist my steps towards my unfoldment back to being my true self.

I know deep down that I am a Son of God and every time I open this book I get confirmed in this. I am also given a way to accelerate my next steps in simple ways. Reading just a few words and then completely changing my whole life is something I have definitely not experienced before with any other book. This book leaves me with no words to say and yet allows me to expand and feel that I actually have so much to say in whichever way I feel to express it.

The way I use this book is very playful. I just open up a page where I feel to and read where I am drawn and without fail it is always a support for me at that moment and allows me time and space to digest what it presents and/or confirms in every way.

I love this book dearly and feel that it will be with me always wherever I am.

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  • By Amina Tumi, Business Woman, Hair & Beauty Salon Owner, Hair & Beauty Consultant

    I am a dedicated worker, I love connecting with others and find that developing the way in which I work, i.e. the quality I work, has supported me in life beyond measure.

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