Coming back to the “real and true me’ has led to many changes in the writer’s life.

A Treatise on Consciousness has been one of the most powerful books of all eight by Serge Benhayon so far for me as I have experienced much change in my life since reading it a few years ago.

This book gives us a very deep understanding on what is truly taking place in the world regarding energy and what holds us back from just being ourselves. As we know, Albert Einstein brought to all our attention that everything is energy and yet since then we have pretty much over-looked this simple but important fact.

This book brings this awareness back into play and allows us to truly see things as they are.

A Treatise on Consciousness has inspired me to seek truth and true self-love. It breaks down consciousnesses that hold us in any way that is not true at all;

  • from thinking you are dyslexic, which I used to believe,
  • to believing that you are not good enough for true love which was also an old belief of mine.

Self-love and deeply caring for yourself is the way to offset these types of behaviours and beliefs. The simplicity of reading what is offered and then walking away while allowing it to do its work energetically is all that is needed to allow this process to take place.

I now live a completely different life due to this book and no longer do I live in disregard of others and myself and no longer do I feel I am here to perform or please others. Instead I know one billion per cent that I am a Son of God and I am here to serve with this knowingness. This is a true joy to express and to live and this is the real me, a beautiful Son of God enjoying the work I am here to do.

This book, A Treatise on Consciousness, is the foundation of continuous new beginnings; no longer do we have to work for long periods of time undoing a wrong. All that is now needed is to come back to ourselves by choosing the energy we are truly from, our Soul .

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  • By Amina Tumi, Business Woman, Hair & Beauty Salon Owner, Hair & Beauty Consultant

    I am a dedicated worker, I love connecting with others and find that developing the way in which I work, i.e. the quality I work, has supported me in life beyond measure.