Discovering our own truth within

The books published by UniMed Publishing written by Serge Benhayon have in all fact been the clearest information given to us regarding our true divine heritage.

In comparison to much literature on the topic, (much of which has turned into religious dogma or “spiritual new age hocus pocus”), Serge Benhayon's books have allowed me a sensible connection with what I had already known somehow within.

Not only is the reader introduced to big picture issues such as world dilemmas and an understanding of our true divinity, the books also pave a way for understanding how we can heal our own lives in very simple and pragmatic ways. Unlike some self help books or the teachings of gurus, Serge Benhayon does not lead one on a path of mindless following, but guides the reader to discover their own truth within.

These works are very important pieces that I am sure will stand the test of time.

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  • By Marianna Masiorski, Psychologist | B Psych (Hons), MAPS, EPA Recognised

    Marianna has found great joy in her dedication to her work and family. She focuses on diet, nutrition and general health as a way of supporting psychological well-being.