More than reading a book – it is about feeling the words

Serge Benhayon’s series of books – a testimonial by Nicole Ricketts

More than reading a book – it is about feeling the words

I first stumbled across one of Serge Benhayon's books where I used to work (the owner had them on display for sale). I flicked through them a couple of times but couldn't see myself reading the whole book. I saw the word GOD written in there and that turned me off.

After speaking to my work colleagues over a few months and asking them some questions, I finally bought myself The Way It Is and started reading it. After commencing to read the first pages, I got a sense that God wasn't written about in the manner that I had been used to. It opened me up to looking at the word God in a different light, so I went with that.

It was hard to read at first… I could only read a couple of pages at a time. It wasn't written like other books I’m used to, but I was intrigued and wanted to keep reading. It actually took me nearly a year to finish it!

I had read books that I thought were similar, but here it was as if there were no holes in what was written. Everything fitted together perfectly. Most of the questions I had asked myself over my lifetime all started to make sense and all tied in together.

As I said, I had read books on self-help, why we're here, philosophy, the big bang theory, relationships etc., but they all seemed to talk about just one part and always left me asking "yeah ok, but what about.....?"

I have now read Book One twice, as well as the other books written by Serge Benhayon; the second time I read it was like reading a completely different book. There is so much in there, that every time I read it I understand a little more. These books are written in a way that you can feel the words – you don't just read the words with your eyes. They are truly wonder-full and have helped me make so many changes, not only in my life, but the lives of the people around me. I look forward to reading more when they’re published. Thank You Serge. Awesome work!!

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  • By Nicole Ricketts

    I love working with children and supporting families to strengthen their connections with their own children. I love nature, camping and being with my friends and family.

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