Time is evolution, it is not about control, deadlines or restrictions.

Book 10 – ‘Time’ in the series ‘Time, Space and all of us - Time' has been an amazing book to read. It challenges many parts of life where we have used the word ‘time’ in a false meaning.

By this I mean seeing life as time deadlines and restrictions, or something that controls us. In the past, it felt like I was falling behind time and it would completely affect my day and how I felt about myself. The book reveals why we even have time, what its true purpose is and its connection to our true human evolution. Thus you can imagine, there is no boring line in this book!

I generally read a couple of pages before going to sleep as there is so much to take in, I cannot rush it. I find that when reading the book aloud to myself and having that space in the evening, I sleep much better!

I want to thank Serge Benhayon for writing this book; the true knowledge and wisdom that he expresses is very inspiring. The way I feel about myself in my life has already changed enormously through reading the wisdom in this book. I look forward to the next book’s coming!

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