This book brings truth and the understanding of energy, life and humanity.

The Way It Is was the first book I ever read by Serge Benhayon. I had not met the man, but was desperate for truth and answers in life.

I had a Christian upbringing and had walked away from this a number of years before. Then I experimented with the New Age and Chinese medicine, trying to find my connection and understand energy and life. There was a deep sadness in me and I was ready to go back to Christianity if that was where ‘God wanted me to be’, despite feeling it did not make sense, was full of contradictions and void of whole truth.

When I picked up The Way It Is I did not want to put it down, unlike the new age and self-help books I had browsed through and tried to read. It was like seeing Truth for the first time and knowing I couldn't go back, that it would change my understanding of energy, life and humanity. It challenged many beliefs and constructs I had been taught, and felt so refreshing.

I would recommend this book.

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  • By Annie

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