"Serge Benhayon's books are an amazing tool; they support me in my everyday life."

Serge Benhayon’s series of books – a testimonial by Toni Steenson

"Serge Benhayon's books are an amazing tool; they support me in my everyday life."

I began reading the books written by Serge Benhayon and The Hierarchy some years ago. When I first started I found it quite hard to decipher what I was reading. The language bewildered me; I would read a page, get to the end of it and have absolutely no idea what I had just read. I would have to read a page several times before I had some concept of what had been written.

The first book I read, The Way It Is, took me a long time … months even. In the past I was a prolific reader and would demolish books daily. The books written by Serge Benhayon and The Hierarchy are different. I now understand there was something getting in the way when I was trying to read the books in the beginning; I discovered this was all my ideals and beliefs and preconceived meanings of words I had stored up in my head.

These ideals, beliefs and meanings had created ways of seeing and thinking about things that stopped me from understanding the energy/meaning of the words that were in the books. Once I came to feel (in my own body) and understand the meaning of the words being used, I found the books much easier to read and would no longer fall asleep while reading. I have come to know the meanings and definitions of words used in the books are actually what I know to be the real meanings and so when I read the books I receive a greater understanding of what is happening in me and life around me.

I find the books an amazing tool; they support me in my everyday life. If I find myself struggling with something in particular, I reach for one of the books and randomly open it and commence reading. Nine times out of ten it is exactly what I require to make sense of and feel supported with the issue I am dealing with. The other one out of ten times I am sure the book is offering what I require for support but may not be ready to see yet.

The books constantly surprise me in how they have the ability to bring understanding to an area I have lacked an understanding in. They make life make sense.

I never go away for a holiday/weekend without taking one or two of the books with me. The books can be read in a number of ways, they are not necessarily to be read from beginning to end. I find they can be a great support to help me come back to me if I have had a particularly trying day that has left me feeling emotional, with a sense of unease and disconnection from my body. They offer me a chance to let go and melt back into my natural self, while letting go of all the tension and emotions I have taken on.

The books are nothing short of amazing and in my opinion are definitely worth the time and perseverance it may take in the beginning to finish a page or a chapter.

They are life changing and a treasure to own, refer back to, and expand with.

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  • By Toni Steenson, House Cleaning

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd