I got inspired to deeply look at the way in which I am living my life

An Open Letter to Humanity – a testimonial by Amina Tumi

I got inspired to deeply look at the way in which I am living my life

Firstly I want to share with you that this book, An Open Letter To Humanity has to be one of the most simple yet deeply detailed books I have ever come across. The simple truths that are written not only totally resonate with me, they also inspire and confirm me deeply and, depending on how I am feeling, determines which page I seem to land on. This book is laid out in a playful, unique way that gives me very easy access to very profound information.

An Open Letter To Humanity has inspired me to deeply look at the way in which I am living my life and to go deeper with my attention to detail on how I care for myself.

As I have been in transition with going deeper with my self-care, this book has been able to support me to look at the little things that have been holding me back from taking my relationship with myself to the next level. Understanding one’s relationship with oneself to me is the most important factor there is in life: from this intention one can truly make steps to really help themselves and others.

This book inspires a relationship with myself to really take place in a way that I can address unloving choices in a playful way and start to really let go of old behaviours that have created much harm to me, and my body. For the first time in my life I feel a sense of deep contentment that can only be explained as divine. Knowing that I have a Soul and that my Soul is me is one thing, but connecting with my Soul and living life from and with my Soul is a whole other level of truly living life.

This book is not only deeply inspiring, it is also something that I can see and feel is deeply needed as this world has given me lots of possible solutions on how to deal with life, but has not given me the truth of what is going on in life – nor looked at true steps to connect with self first and live from that place. Hence, the empowerment I have felt reading An Open Letter To Humanity, I have come to understand is normal.

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  • By Amina Tumi, Business Woman, Hair & Beauty Salon Owner, Hair & Beauty Consultant

    I am a dedicated worker, I love connecting with others and find that developing the way in which I work, i.e. the quality I work, has supported me in life beyond measure.