Books by Serge Benhayon – a testimonial by Dr Danielle Pirera

Serge Benhayon's books have been unlike any other books I have ever read. I read each one of them over and over again; each time I read them I would swear I have never before seen it.

One difference for me with these books is that I do not read them in order, I have never felt to: from the moment I pick them up I only read in passages, pages or chapters. Every time I read it takes me to a place where no reading before has.

It allows me to feel and ponder deeply, connected within myself, to feel something real and true about life, not in a directing or imposing way, but in an inspiring or inviting way.

The words in these books are alive, there is no one way to read them – only our own individual way – and when I connect to this it's like the sentences and paragraphs grow and adapt and change to exactly what is needed for me in each moment, whether it be moving on from something in life that I have been challenged by, or celebrating something sweet and joyful in my life that I had not yet embraced.

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  • By Dr Danielle Pirera, Exercise Physiologist, BBiomedSci BExSci PhD DipRemMsg Cert IV Fitness CertIV TAE

    Simple, sweet, sassy and sciencey. I love to explore and understand the body, the science, the energy, the philosophy and it’s relationship with the universe and how to live a truly harmonious and evolutionary life.