The Way It Is – A testimonial by Debra Simpson

I am currently reading the The Way It Is for the third or maybe the fourth time since it was published in 2006, and as it happens, every time I read this book I am in awe of how amazing it is.

What is so incredible to me is that the book is so different every time I read it. I often think I don't ever need to own another book because The Way It Is seems like a new book each time I open it.

I have purchased many of Serge’s other books and they are the same – as with the onion analogy, every time I read his book another layer is peeled away from me and I am able to understand its unlimited depth to a far greater degree the next time I read it.

The first time I read The Way It Is I struggled with the language a little – it was like having my brain recalibrated, but I could feel that I was finally reading Truth. It evoked a feeling so profound I had to persevere, even though I could not repeat anything I read after I walked away from the book – I could not retain it yet I knew it was amazing and true.

Having searched bookshelves for the old classics and the new on the subject of Truth, Love and the Soul for most of my life, I knew I had finally found what I was looking for.

I also recognised how other books on this subject had hooked me in with snippets of truth but never the full, true, lived experience of Love and Truth. Consequently they always left me searching for more – outside of myself. Now the search is over. I’m not looking outside for answers. This book has pointed me back to within myself.

I actually innately know ‘The Way It Is’ is the truth. I only re-read Serge’s books because living in this world is a struggle sometimes and I still get caught in the illusion.

  • Re-reading his books reminds me to be true to myself.
  • They are so loving I feel my own love again if I am floundering.

Serge Benhayon has delivered the Truth in The Way It Is and it’s a fascinating read. He joins the dots on so many snippets of mythology we have heard about – Atlantis, Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, the Dark Lodge, how we came to be on Earth via the Soul, karma and akasha, the true meaning of Love, a deeper understanding of how harmony works ... the way it is! All explained and brought together to make sense at last.

I feel this is truly inspired wisdom I recognise, and as he says I know it to be true that we can all access this wisdom from within ourselves when we are true to being who we are – living with conscious presence. It is a humbling, unfolding experience. His books feel more beautiful than anything I have read in my life.

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  • By Debra Simpson, Freelance Journalist / Writer

    I am a student of life, from travels, to family, work and difficult life experiences I have always been led back to life being about Love; in the universe, nature, humanity, harmony and who I am within.