Evolution is about us returning to who we truly are

Testimonial by Nicola Lessing about the book  Time, Space and all of us.

Evolution is about us returning to who we truly are

Increasingly for many months I have been deeply affected by the book 'Time, Space and all of us' by Serge Benhayon.

It is without doubt a game changer – a truly life changing book that will be studied for the rest of time.

I can feel how the future is both here now and coming towards me. What does that mean?

Evolution is about us returning to who we truly are. At essence we are all ONE, Divine and all-knowing. Whenever I connect to my true essence, I have a deep sense and knowing of what is before me because it is already within but not yet being fully lived.

I also have a deep knowing that eventually we will all live in a true unified and loving way from our essence – the only difference being how long we choose to delay that inevitability.

In other words, the return is inevitable, although we choose how long it takes us to get there.

When I feel this, instead of delaying further, I find that when I connect to that knowing I am already able to live the future now. This sounds strange, but it is actually not at all. For we are returning to the wholeness of us – the amazing Divine spark that is who we truly are, but that we have not lived in full. The return is inevitable. So that is where we are re-turning to, and at the same time, it can be lived now. Hence the future can be lived now. I can feel how the whole concept of time and the future being ‘out there’ is an illusion. In fact time is not lineal (as in a straight line) at all, but us going around in circles just as the planet circles the sun and day follows night. This turns the usual concept of time and how we use it, on its head – we are not actually ‘going anywhere’, for the cycle we are in is a constantly repeating one. We have a 24 hour cycle that simply repeats. Within that we are constantly repeating experiences – and each cycle is an opportunity for us to learn to let go of what does not work, is not true or loving and does not belong to our future, which is really our Divine past.

That is why it is so fitting that I write a review about this book now, before it is published, in the knowing of all that it will bring. Just the fact that the simple truths (truth that we once all knew but forgot) and revelations that I can feel pouring out of this book have been written and expressed by Serge Benhayon, has already made it possible for us to connect to them again, and to see time not as a straight line that ‘progresses somewhere’ but as cycles within a magnificent whole, a whole we are returning to.

I feel great joy at the prospect of reading 'Time, Space and all of us' when it is eventually published and the further great healing and freedom that this astonishing book will bring to me and all of humanity.

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  • By Nicola Lessing, Company Director

    Four of my favourite things in life are God, Truth, Work and People but really they are all one even if at times it may not appear that way!