A slice of heaven between the covers of a book.

The book titled The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy is literally a little slice of heaven each time I pick it up.

I don’t always read it in lineal succession, as it seems to offer such relevant wisdom whichever page I land on. I can totally relate to what is being shared. It seems to know what my life is about without me looking up a particular chapter.

Some would say this is magic. Heaven in action.

It is also equally amazing to read in a linear way, each part deepening from the one before and each part unfolding more and more VERY cool wisdom for me to reflect on that I can always relate back to my life and my relationships in one way or another.

The magic of this book is that it is very relatable and always offers more each time a section of it is read. I can read the same part over and over and learn something new every time. I am not sure I will ever complete it, which in my eyes, is pretty superb reading.

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  • By Aphra Hill